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February 25, 2008


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These were the first six.

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Then there were 41. Then a big corporate came along, took over, and it was never the same any more.

First six what? Where?

Went uncracked!

Answer: Remember Geocities? It was started by a company called Beverly Hills Internet back in 1994. Websites were organized into groups, each named after a City. These were the GeoCities.

The first six Geocities were Colosseum, WallStreet, RodeoDrive, Hollywood, SunsetStrip and WestHollywood (representative images of each L to R above) (

The number of Cities soon went up to 41. Then Yahoo bought out Geocities, and decided to give everyone “vanity” URLs, like . That original sense of city-communities soon disappeared, and Geocities turned into a massive n00b-infested site chock full of crappy GIFs and bad HTML.

5 Responses to “n00b.”

  1. shivathilak

    battlestar galactica?
    the first six to fight in the colonies against the cyclons?
    confused.. :(

  2. shivathilak

    oh wait!! the battlestar galactica videogame series
    and the card game series!
    since it was made available on Xboxlive it has been played like crazy…

    these were the first six characters available for play i presume.. on xbox live

  3. Tathagata Chatterjee

    Initial Pokemons; Nintendo Game consoles.

    Tathagata Chatterjee

  4. Dibyo

    Some WoW funda?

  5. something do with

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