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September 26, 2007

Oh Joy…

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What arose from this cartoon?

Gammafunction , udupendra , devadutta , uma , ramsaravana , Ganesh Prasad , Abhishek , Prasad , alephnull , Tathagata Chatterjee , yaksha , Archana , Shashank , asha, (bs, sharath, Non Descript)* and Biki got it right.

*They posted their answers as a comment on the image.

This picture is the inspiration for the BSD daemon. “Unix T-Shirts” is also right, because my question left room for that possibility, and both originate from the same source.

20 Responses to “Oh Joy…”

  1. Gammafunction

    Beastie the BSD mascot?The little mice look like it.I can see pipes and forks and NULL so I am guessing some UNIX system.

  2. udupendra

    The BSD Daemon?

  3. devadutta

    BSD daemon :)
    thats a cartoon by Phil Foglio

  4. uma

    Chuck, the FreeBSD Daemon logo

  5. Unix Daemons….

  6. shyam


  7. Ganesh Prasad

    The first daemon, drawn by Phil Foglio.Notice he's sitting on a Unix pipe ,near a bit bucket.

    The story of the daemon began in 1976, while Mike O'Brien was living in Chicago. It was there that he met up with a well known comic artist named Phil Foglio. At the time, O'Brien was working as a locksmith. So when Foglio's roommate skipped town, he called upon O'Brien to crack their apartment's wall safe, for his former roommate was the only person who knew the combination.Uncertain of his ability to successfully complete the difficult task, the only payment O'Brien asked of Foglio was a piece of original artwork for a t-shirt. Astonishingly, he was able to crack the code in a mere fifteen minutes. He then snapped a photograph of his Unix machine to give to a very grateful Foglio, showing him the visual puns he desired to include on his t-shirt, such as a "bit bucket" named /dev/null and demons with forks running along pipes (all of which allude to various concepts in Unix). This /dev/null bucket and the original daemon both showcase O'Brien's humor and Foglio's youthful talent

  8. rajeshvj

    UNIX :-)

  9. Abhishek

    The first decade's worth of "UNIX T-shirts", which were made by a Ma-and-Pa operation in a Chicago suburb.

    Details :

  10. Prasad

    The BSD Daemon ,mascot of the original BSD Unix, was created after this cartoon by Phil Foglio.
    The pic shows daemons and the big machine is supposed to be Unix (edited out here).

  11. alephnull

    BSD Daemon. Drawn by Phil Foglio. Although 'daemon' was associated with Unix even before BSD.

  12. Tathagata Chatterjee

    From this cartoon which served as the original artwork and inspiration, arose the "Unix T shirts"(1975-1985)- design variations of which were distributed during the 10th anniversary of the Usenix ( formerly "Unix User Group") organisation.
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  13. yaksha

    The First BSD daemon sitting on a Unix pipe near a bit bucket.

  14. shivani


  15. Archana

    Its the first drawing with the daemon logo… The concept of a daemon arose from this drawing.

  16. shivani

    pipes, demons with forks running along the pipes, a "bit bucket" named /dev/null

  17. Vinod


  18. Shashank

    Daemon ( The BSD Daemon )

  19. asha

    Daemons in the UNIX system.
    If I did understand what I read, it was used to describe 'line printer daemon' initially. 

  20. Biki

    unix daemons …

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