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September 21, 2007

Its all in your hand..

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This question is inspired by a suggestion from Nihit.

What is 1’s demo of 2 popularly known as? And identify 1 and 2 please.

1. 2ef0be47dbbb4d60a8e0ba9403914efb.jpg
2. 67f8f46fb9c6aefceb71e30ebdc16f59.jpg

Cracked by: srikanth , Sharath , udupendra , uma , jayanth , yaksha , alephnull , Poornima , Shashank.

Many others got very close.

1. Douglas Engelbart
2. NLS – the first system which used video conferencing, hypertext, computer mouses (mice?) and all the other extremely brilliant things Engelbart and team came up with

This demo was so brilliant that people started referring to it as “The Mother of all Demos “

16 Responses to “Its all in your hand..”

  1. srikanth

    The mother of all demos.

    1 = Douglas Engelbart
    2 = NLS – the first system which used hypertext, computer mouses (mice?) and all the other extremely brilliant things Engelbart and team came up with (before he became a complete nutcase)

  2. Tathagata Chatterjee

    1 is Douglas Engelbart.
    Engelbart, shows the original mouse next to the then latest model.
    2 is “X-Y position indicator for a display system”.
    Therefore, demo of 2 is popularly known as a computer mouse.
    Tathagata Chatterjee

  3. No clue.
    Do people actually know these things ?
    I saw some pretty awesome quizzes ans quizzers back in NITK, but now…….either I’m reealy reealy out of touch and lost, or this site has some unbelievable quizzers for its patrons

  4. Sharath

    The person in pic1 is ‘Douglas Engelbart’ the inventor of the mouse.
    The famous demo of the mouse (interactive computing) was given in 1968 at the First Joint Computer Conference.The system was called NLS, or oN-Line System, because it was also networked between multiple computers.
    Pic 2 is a screen from the NLS demo.

  5. piezocake

    1) Douglas Engelbert.
    2) Mouse control program.


  6. udupendra

    Douglas Engelbart's demo of the computer mouse (and a host of other things – desktop metaphor, conferencing etc) is called the 'Mother of all Demos'. You can spot the mouse pointer in the 2nd picture if you look closely in the third quadrant.

  7. Douglas Engelbart's 'X-Y position indicator for a display system'…or the mouse as we call it… :)…

  8. uma

    pic1: Douglas Engelbart

    pic2: On-Line System demo, more popularly knows as “mother of all demos”

    Engelbart’s Augmentation of Human Intellect project at SRI in the 1960s developed the On-Line System (NLS), which incorporated a mouse-driven cursor and multiple windows. The NLS system was the first to employ the practical use of hypertext links, the mouse (co-invented by Engelbart and colleague Bill English), raster-scan video monitors, information organized by relevance, screen windowing, presentation programs, and other modern computing concepts.

    for more info:

  9. jayanth

    douglas engelbert and The mother of all demos..

  10. yaksha

    Professor Michael A  Jackson
    Jackson Software Development Methods

  11. Gammafunction

    Douglas Engelbart's[1] demo of the mouse.Don't know what [2] is though.

  12. alephnull

    Douglas Engelbert demo'ing the mouse in the 'mother of all demos'.

  13. Poornima

    "The Mother of All Demos"
    1: Douglas Engelbart
    2: NLS(oNLine System)

  14. Shashank

    1. Douglas Engelbart – Inventor of the mouse
    2. NLS, or the "oNLine System" designed by Douglas Engelbart and the researchers at the Augmentation Research Center (ARC) at the Stanford Research Institute
    The demo is popularly known as,  "The Mother of All Demos"

  15. yaksha

    eh sorry…
    it ain't professor jackson its
    Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart

  16. yaksha

    The Mother of All Demos is the name often given to Douglas Engelbart's December 9, 1968 demonstration at the Convention Center in San Francisco.

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