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September 20, 2007

psst.. your (censored) are showing!

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First featured on screen in 1, popularly shown in 2 and claimed to have been shown in 3.

1. 046674d1b96e9c2c7568ad588a4e5e4f.jpg


3. 90c4039dc1803608bb2a485416242fa7.jpg

Hint: Look closely in 2 :)

Prasad , bs , ramsaravana , Abhishek , Sharath , uma , Tathagata Chatterjee , udupendra , piezocake , Mahesh Herle , Gammafunction , yaksha , Shashank “hacked” the answer. :)

2ndratequizzer got close.

The answer is nmap, a port scanning tool which can be downloaded from Typically, it is used by hackers (ethical or otherwise) to first find out which ports on a target machine are open.

1. Featured the Source code of nmap

2. Trinity in Matrix Reloaded using nmap to port scan and attack the “Grid System” using a well known attack called SSH1-CRC to gain access. This was even featured in a BBC news article. This is also the first Hollywood movie to show a proper hacking scene.

3. Many people claim to have seen nmap in action in this movie. Screen shots are available all around the net.

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