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September 18, 2007

No wires attached..

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Connect and explain

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Cracked by a good bunch of people: udupendra , Vinod , pratap , ramsaravana , shyam , Piyush , Sharath , Mahesh Herle , nihit , Goutham , Abhishek , yaksha , Arun Krishnamoorthy , Arjun June , uma , Archana , Shashank.

Quoting Abhishek who was quoted Wikipedia :)

1.Harald being baptized by Poppo the monk
2.Bluetooth logo

Bluetooth was named after a late tenth century king, Harald Bluetooth King of Denmark and Norway. He is known for his unification of previously warring tribes from Denmark (including now Swedish Scania, where the Bluetooth technology was invented), and Norway. Bluetooth likewise was intended to unify different technologies, such as computers and mobile phones.

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