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September 15, 2007

It is dark.

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Created by this founder of Infocom (pic 1), it became an integral part of geek culture, and now regularly appears in nerdcore music (2) and comic strips (3). What?

1) fe72fe37f7cd6301e3396d02468cd6f4.jpg

2) 6d0d80dc137ac5012f41c00334c09c38.jpg
3) 258f06e751b832196ab921cd565475d3.jpg

Basically, fill in the part of the comic that’s blanked out. (Identify the guy in 1 too)

Uudupendra , nihit , prasanth , Archana , sumanthvanahalli , yaksha , BiGFooT , Mahesh Herle  and Shashank have taken the first steps on the road to being Master Adventurers.

Dave Lebling(1) cofounded Infocom and developed Zork, a text adventure game in which one of the most famous lines was “It is pitch dark. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue”.

2) is an album cover from MC Frontalot which has the song “It is Pitch Dark”, a Zork reference
3) is a panel from the comic strip Userfriendly, featuring AJ Garrett a web designer and gamer with a deep seated fear of Grues.

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