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September 7, 2007

I’ve had enough of text..

devadutta @ 10:11 am, GMT +0000 ( 1189159888 ) Play

Instead of plain boring text messages with numbers , if you were to get these awesome illustrations as errors, which protocol will you be using? Bonus for telling us which illustration corresponds to which boring error.

1. c6f2ec6ff81f129a96c42e8a81e4f8fc.jpg 2. 206ca64172448296578bb5db3949e756.jpg

3. 4049ad952237a072f4070b18d51fa5f4.jpg 4. d0ee70d35054a2f8ba7d1f1558847259.jpg

5. 78575fca2dcfd0dccc13998b46b32782.jpg 6. 0747a4efcbe5d96bff253a1c5ad3a8eb.jpg

(Hint: All of us have seen these errors)

The following people get the bonus points: udupendra , BiGFooT , abhinav , prabhu_dc , prasanth , yaksha , jayanth , Shashank, Srichand

srikanth , nihit just get the protocol name (lazy! lazy!)

These are the illustrations of HTTP errors. Very easily workable.
You can see the whole set here
400 Bad Request
1.401 – Not found.
2.408 – Request timeout.
3.409 – Conflict.
4.411 – Length required.
5.413 – Request entity too large.
6.402 – Payment required.

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