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August 25, 2007

Analogically speaking…

srikanth @ 9:13 am, GMT +0000 ( 1188033239 ) Play

Row 1 and Row 2 below present an analogy each. Complete the analogy in Row 3

1) b06f10af5d85963951f323d581df0e93.jpg : f664b694cb09843287569fb869e058b4.jpg

2)149fdf3994b41a1195576e68cbb3d33e.jpg : e8b34b9fe491f840f1f0dedb4ad34c72.jpg

3)777e99c2342e4b3bfd1fb44141fa6335.jpg : <Insert Answer Here>

You don’t need to post a picture as the response. Just the name will do.

Cracked by: Shashank, Archana, Hema, Jayanth, Bikiran, Dibyo, Keerthi, Yaksha, Mahesh, Udupendra, Devadutta, Nihit and Prabhu

These are the messages generated by various platforms when they get screwed up beyond recovery; the BSOD on windows and the Sad Mac on Macintosh. For the Amiga Commodore, it was called the “Guru Meditation” error.

15 Responses to “Analogically speaking…”

  1. Anonymous

    They are basically “Screens of death” for different OSes
    1. Windows – BSOD
    2. Mac – Sad Mac
    3. Commodore Amiga – Guru Meditation

  2. Shashank

    ( I think my earlier comment was not posted. so here it is again.. )

    The above pics are the “Screens of Death” for different OSes
    1. M$ Windows – BSOD
    2. Apple Mac – Sad Mac
    3. Commodore Amiga – Guru Meditation

  3. Archana

    It s called Guru Meditation

  4. Hema

    Guru Meditation

  5. Sagnik

    The bootblock

  6. jayanth

    “Guru Meditation”

  7. Biki

    “guru meditation error” …. dont recall the exact message … but something like it …

  8. Dibyo

    Meditation Guru Message

  9. Keerthi

    Guru Meditation a.k.a trip to India a.k.a Unwelcome Visitor from the East

  10. yaksha

    Guru meditation is the name of the error that occurred on early versions of the Commodore Amiga computer when they crashed. It is analogous to the “screens of death” in other operating systems.

    the wiki link

    the image link

  11. Mahesh Herle

    “Guru Meditation “

  12. udupendra

    Guru Meditation. That’s one question I thought I’d ask today gone down the drain.

  13. Amiga Guru Meditation

  14. nihit

    The Guru Meditation error: #00000004 0000AAC0. This is the “screen of death” error of the Amiga system.

  15. Not sure!
    I guess it is the “Guru mediation errors”

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