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December 5, 2012

// <- Request

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Plaintext question – Googling/yahooing/duckduckgoing/etc forbidden.

What medium connects:

   On the first day of Christmas, technology gave to me:
          A database with a broken b-tree (what the hell is a b-tree

   On the second day of Christmas, technology gave to me:
          Two transceiver failures (CRC errors? Collisions? What is
          going on?)
          And a database with a broken b-tree (Rebuild WHAT? It's a
          10GB database!)

   All the world's a net!  And all the data in it merely packets
   come to store-and-forward in the queues a while and then are
   heard no more.  'Tis a network waiting to be switched!

   To switch or not to switch?  That is the question.  Whether
   'tis wiser in the net to suffer the store and forward of
   stochastic networks or to raise up circuits against a sea
   of packets and, by dedication, serve them.

                    Twas brillig, and the Protocols
                         Did USER-SERVER in the wabe.
                    All mimsey was the FTP,
                         And the RJE outgrabe,

Cracked by: Sumanth Patlolla , Rogi , rickde and Logik

All poems published in IETF RFCs

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