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October 21, 2012


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Guest question from p vs np after a long long time! Thank you sire, and welcome back!

What connects 1 to 2?

Cracked by: Rogi and Ananth

Quoting Wikipedia –
This entity is a common inspiration for technical jargon expressions and metaphors by Unix programmers, e.g. “please send complaints to /dev/null”, “my mail got archived in /dev/null”, and “redirect to /dev/null”—being jocular ways of saying, respectively: “don’t bother sending complaints”, “my mail was deleted”, and “go away”.

Dev Null was an animated virtual reality character created by Leo Laporte for MSNBC’s computer and technology TV series, The Site.

The connect to magazine was –
The April Fool’s, 1995 issue of the German magazine c’t reported on an enhanced /dev/null chip that would efficiently dispose of the incoming data by converting it to a flicker on an internal glowing LED.

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