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August 9, 2012

Having an affair?

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Who wrote this paper, and what was special about it?

Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity

There are many natural scientists, and especially physicists, who continue to reject the notion that the disciplines concerned with social and cultural criticism can have anything to contribute, except perhaps peripherally, to their research. Still less are they receptive to the idea that the very foundations of their worldview must be revised or rebuilt in the light of such criticism. Rather, they cling to the dogma imposed by the long post-Enlightenment hegemony over the Western intellectual outlook, which can be summarized briefly as follows: that there exists an external world, whose properties are independent of any individual human being and indeed of humanity as a whole; that these properties are encoded in “eternal” physical laws; and that human beings can obtain reliable, albeit imperfect and tentative, knowledge of these laws by hewing to the “objective” procedures and epistemological strictures prescribed by the (so-called) scientific method.

Cracked by: Jayaprakash B R , Sumanth Patlolla , Supritha Maiya , KK , Manish Achuth , Rogi , Logik , Ananth , Amarendra Kumar and anirban

Alan Sokal – he deliberately submitted this junk paper to a journal Social Text to prove that the journal lacked rigour.

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