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March 8, 2011

3 for 500

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Today, we are posting a special round of 3 questions all sent in by Rogi. Reason? Rogi registered an unbeaten runlength of 500 correct answers in a row! Congrats sire! Just fantastic!

Leave your answers (and any note to Rogi) in a single comment. One point per correct answer. Get at least one correct for keeping your runlength intact.

1.  The actor (1) starred in two movies, made almost three decades apart, based on ideas put forth by (2) and shared with his screenwriter wife (3). Name either of the 2 films.
Note:  While the pic in (1) is a clip from a movie, it is not one of the movies we’re looking for.

2.  Connect the three gentlemen by naming a fourth.  The last one wasn’t as smart as the other two.


3. This is a cool puzzle.

Tell us what’s found here
[Sum of all digits].[1991, AUC] , -1 x [Unbitrium].[Lucas Number]

(Maybe a different Lucas?)

Update: Made the question 1 simpler.

Update 2: Fixed a typo in Q 3

Update 3: Question 3 is super cool. Do not miss it. Hint: Zoom in and look around.

Cracked by: Rogi(3) , Siddarth Pai(2) , shrik(3) , Logik , udupendra(2) , jowens(3) , Raghuvansh(3) , Sumanth Patlolla , Bharath(2) , dineshk(3) , Shwetha Maiya , Mo and Anubhav

Only shrik, jowens, Raghuvansh and dineshk(close enough :) ) cracked the puzzle! Good crack guys! That was an awesome puzzle and you got it!


1. TRON or TRON:Legacy
1=Jeff Bridges (As seen in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot)
2=Alan Kay (Yes the guy from PARC)
3=Bonnie MacBird

2. The three guys pictured are:
Hugo de Vries
Carl Correns
Erich von Tschermak

All of whom were thought to have independently “rediscovered” in the year 1900, the work of Gregor Mendel and after some prodding for at least one of them, gave him the posthumous credit for his discoveries in genetics. Tschermak is no longer recognized as a rediscoverer as he obviously didn’t understand what Mendel had figured out, earlier.

3. Sum of digits 0-9 is 45
“Ab urbe condita” 1991 is “Gregorian”, 1238
Unbitrium’s atomic number will be 123
George Lucas’ Easter Egg number is 1138 (Not to be confused with the Numbers of François Édouard Anatole Lucas)

Filling in the variables gives:

45.1238, -123.1138

Quick link:,-123.1138&aq=&sll=45.125284,-123.113393&sspn=0.010401,0.018904&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=45.123989,-123.113673&spn=0.004088,0.018711&z=16

Answer is: “Firefox” or “Firefox logo”

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