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January 9, 2011

Treasure Hunt: Winners and Answers

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Lots of people tried the treasure hunt, but only 6 people finished it! It was a fairly difficult puzzle, and if you finished it, please to put a pat on your back!

The Winners:

Dha finished the treasure hunt first! Congrats Dha! You have won a Boiledbeans t-shirt!

Logik finished very closely behind Dha. Both Dha and Logik get 5 points!

The following people also finished the hunt and get 3 points each.

Dha, Rogi and AnthraX101, please leave a comment here so we can give you points.

Answers:Stage 1: The message was a rot 13 cipher. Decrypting it read
Step 1: Do what the Oracle said second
Step 2: Do what the owl says
Step 3: Go to Step 2

What the Oracle asked Neo in the second movie was to “go to the Source”. So, if you saw the source of Boiledbeans, you could see an ASCII art owl which looked like this

 / ___  ___ \
/ / @ \/ @ \ \
\ \___/\___/ /\
 /     /\\\\\//
|     |\\\\\\
 \      \\\\\\

Roman Ramanujan run javascript for fun?

Stage 2: Do what the owl says.
Roman Ramanujan = Ramanujan Number in Roman numerals, which is 1729 in Roman Numerals is MDCCXXIX.
Javascript being the next hint, owl asked you to look for a Javascript file with that name.

So, there was a javascript file named MDCCXXIX.js included in Boiledbeans source.

Stage 3: The Javascript file had the following contents


The year just passed, pass the new year
Mod it by 1e3 before so its near
Fruit goes in the bar, oh dear!
Leave the extension and have no fear


function takeIt(n){
  return n<2?n:takeIt(n-1)+takeIt(n-2);

So, if you look at the poem, it asked you to pass 2011 % 1000 into the function and put the result in the bar.
So, you had to go to

Stage 4:
There, you say a blowfish + a alphanumeric string and an equation.
The equation has roots -sqrt(3) and 3.

You cannot do much with the first root. But, if you add the 2nd root, i.e. 3 to the alphanumeric string, you will get

Now, the blowfish is actually the logo of
So, when you concatenate with the string, you get

Which is the final answer!

Congrats to those who made it here!

3 Responses to “Treasure Hunt: Winners and Answers”

  1. Rogi

    It won’t let me post again where you want me to.

  2. jowens

    This was very cool. Even though I didn’t make it to the end, I hope you do more like this.

  3. Dha

    Thanks. This is quite a surprise.
    Did not know that I had made it through first in the treasure hunt. :)

    Also, seconding Rogi.
    It is not letting me post where you want me to too.

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