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October 16, 2010

67 inches

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First of all, we congratulate Rogi on recording an unbeaten run-length of 356 correct answers in a row! That is a complete calendar year of posting correct answers on BB! Just awesome! Keep it up, Sire!

This question is a repeat and the above statement is total nuts.
I am never posting questions at 4AM again. EVAR!

Everyone gets points to for this question and the other question you see is a make-up question to remedy the repeat.

What are these people doing on this bridge (2)  ?

Hint: Subject is what Google calculator returns when you search the answer

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The “official” unit to measure the length of the Harvard Bridge in Boston is the Smoot. 1 Smoot = Height of Oliver Smoot, who, measured the length of the Harvard bridge using his body as a fraternity pledge. The dude went on to become the chairman of ANSI, which makes it all the more funny that a non-standard unit of measurement is named after the head of a standards institution :)

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