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September 23, 2010

F= G M1 M2 / R ^ 2

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This dude of dudes in 2, completely built 1 and is spending $100,000 to “install” it somewhere. After putting it there, he is going to use that funky thing he is wearing to control 1. When he is done putting it there, he will be the first person to have done something like that on his own.

Who is he? What is 1?


2 .

Cracked by: udupendra , Thejas V R , Rogi , jowens , Logik and byslexia

Answer: This is Hojun Song, who built a privately funded satellite  called GOD – global orbiting device. The funky remote he is wearing makes the satellite emit morse code when people hold his hands. Kind of hard to explain, please to see this article

6 Responses to “F= G M1 M2 / R ^ 2”

  1. udupendra

    Hojun Song, who built a satellite named GOD.

    It turns out the quizmaster and I read the same magazines :)

  2. 1 is GOD (Global Orbiting device) built by Hojun Song(2) which is a fully functional COMSAT and when put in space will become the first satellite to be fully designed and funded by a private citizen.

  3. Rogi

    Hojun Song will use the wearable device to talk to GOD; his Morse code repeating cubesat

  4. jowens

    Hojun Song and his personal satellite.

  5. Logik

    This is Hojun Song, who built a private comsat, called GOD – global orbiting device.
    This was called the Open Source Satellite Initiative.

  6. byslexia

    Open Source Satellite Initiative by Hojun song is a project in which he’s planning to put a sel-built cubesat into orbit.

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