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August 12, 2010

Three for the day

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Three questions today (you will know why tomorrow :) )

1. Guest question from Rogi

Why are you seeing these on BB today? (See post date, not today’s date :) )

2. Guest question from p vs np. Yes, this question _had_ to come from him :)

Identify 1. and his recent claim to fame.
Though his claim is under intense scrutiny, if proved, he shall join ranks with 2. and shall gain eternal fame in the Kingdom of Nerds.

3. “Fan” proposed icon for what?

One point per correct answer, run-length intact if you get at least one right.

P.S: We have a huge queue of guest questions in our inbox. If you sent one, please stay tuned, it will make it to the main page soon :)

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Rogi’s answer for 1 – Echo One, the Space Shuttle Enterprise and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter were all launched or had their maiden flight on August 12th.

p vs np’s answer for 2 – That’s Vinay Deolalikar, an HP Labs researcher who’s recently published a manuscript asserting P != NP (and thankfully, not otherwise).
He’s provided a proof to the million dollar worth P vs NP problem.
If proved right, he shall join ranks with Gregory Perelman, who recently solved the Poincare Conjuncture

3: Fan proposed ‘Meh’ button to disapprove social network atrocities. Its the opposite of “Like” on Facebook.

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