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July 28, 2010

For science!

srikanth @ 11:59 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1280361556 ) Play

I don’t know what one thing to ask, TBH, so I’m going to ask for EVERYTHING. Look at this video and identify

  1. The source
  2. The two characters in fatigues
  3. What these two characters are more popular for
  4. The ‘object’ off screen that everyone’s talking about.

Cracked by Logik , Aparna , Rogi , Raghuvansh , vijayaraghavan , dineshk , Dibyo , Bharath , Jean Valjean , Anubhav , varuns88 and Ananth
– great work!


  1. The movie “Darwin Awards”
  2. Hyneman and Savage
  3. Discovery channel’s mythbusters
  4. The JATO rocket!

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