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July 15, 2010


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No, not a new video format. 3 guest questions today, all sent in by Dibyo. Thanks a lot sire and apologies about the late post. You get 3 shiny trophies for this!

Rules: One point per correct answer. Get at least one right to count for your run-length.

1.  Put details about this funky image.

2. a is Japan’s favorite, b is Russia’s favorite and c is Mexico’s favorite. What are these microscopic images of?




3. Identify, and connect to hottest marketing meme around.

Cracked by: Jean Valjean , Dibyo(3) , Thejas V R(3) , Raghuvansh(3) , Goyal(3) , krudebox(3) , byslexia(3) , varuns88(3) , Rahulk(3) , Hegde(3) , Rogi(3) , raklodramA(3) , lanu(3) , Qbrain(3) , dhruv.sharma , madhur(2) , Bharath(3) , Manish Achuth(3) , Sumanth Patlolla(3) , udupendra(3) , Aparna(3) , Logik(3) , Ananth(3) and dineshk(3)
. All got three points, except Except Jean Valjean(1), drruv.sharma(1) and madhur(2)


Quoting Logik’s detailed answer

1. Saturn’s moon Mimas.
Was earlier famous for being compared to a Death Star, owing to the similarity arising from the Herschel Crater.

Scientists working with NASA’s Cassini orbiter released the highest resolution heat map to date of daytime temperatures on the icy moon. The map unexpectedly revealed a pattern that’s the spitting image of the Pac-Man icon.

2. Bevshots – graphic representations of beers, wines and cocktails, a microscopic snapshot of the crystalline version of the drink. Artform.
Pioneered by this chap called Michael W. Davidson from the Optical Microscopy Division of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, of The Florida State University.

3. Isaiah Mustafa- The New Old Spice viral marketing campaign ( The Man Your Man Could Smell Like ) doing rounds. Impressive idea, well scripted.

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