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May 17, 2010

10^3 Days Later

devadutta @ 11:52 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1274140374 ) Play

Yesterday, ladies and gents, Boiledbeans turned 103 days old! and obviously, we are very happy!
I mean, for two guys who never turned in assignments on time or attended classes on schedule, posting a thousand (more, actually) questions without fail is very astounding.

So, to celebrate, 2 things

1. Boiledbeans Play!

bbPlay is a new, fast and lightweight way to browse old questions posted on bb. Browsing questions in a blog format is hard. bbPlay attempts to solve this!

Right now, bbPlay displays questions in random order. Use it and let us know if you like it, we are planning to integrate it deeper into bb.

Usage: Press ‘j’ ‘k’ for next and previous. ‘a’ for magic! IE users: click on the green div for next, red for prev and white for magic :)

The awesome thing about bbPlay is that it will be open sourced! (I need to clean up code, will be done by the weekend)

2. Free T-Shirts

What would Boiledbeans be without its awesome users? Not much.

Srikanth and I thank every single one of you for your awesomeness! and to show a little gratitude, we are giving out Boiledbeans t-shirts to the first 50 users who put a comment on this post!

So hurry up! Tell us what you like about bb, send us screenshots of bb running on random devices or just say ‘hello world’. If you are one of the first 50, you get it. If you are not in the first 50, you may still get a shirt if we like your comment :)

So, make it quick, make it special!

We have a bunch of other special things planned, more details on that later.

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