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May 17, 2010

10^3 Days Later

devadutta @ 11:52 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1274140374 ) Play

Yesterday, ladies and gents, Boiledbeans turned 103 days old! and obviously, we are very happy!
I mean, for two guys who never turned in assignments on time or attended classes on schedule, posting a thousand (more, actually) questions without fail is very astounding.

So, to celebrate, 2 things

1. Boiledbeans Play!

bbPlay is a new, fast and lightweight way to browse old questions posted on bb. Browsing questions in a blog format is hard. bbPlay attempts to solve this!

Right now, bbPlay displays questions in random order. Use it and let us know if you like it, we are planning to integrate it deeper into bb.

Usage: Press ‘j’ ‘k’ for next and previous. ‘a’ for magic! IE users: click on the green div for next, red for prev and white for magic :)

The awesome thing about bbPlay is that it will be open sourced! (I need to clean up code, will be done by the weekend)

2. Free T-Shirts

What would Boiledbeans be without its awesome users? Not much.

Srikanth and I thank every single one of you for your awesomeness! and to show a little gratitude, we are giving out Boiledbeans t-shirts to the first 50 users who put a comment on this post!

So hurry up! Tell us what you like about bb, send us screenshots of bb running on random devices or just say ‘hello world’. If you are one of the first 50, you get it. If you are not in the first 50, you may still get a shirt if we like your comment :)

So, make it quick, make it special!

We have a bunch of other special things planned, more details on that later.

38 Responses to “10^3 Days Later”

  1. Enticement was not its call
    It promised us excitement
    The joy when i answer a question
    the sigh when i comments are off

    Work life was drudgery
    Routine had taken a pause
    here comes BB
    lets have applause
    :) :D
    The fastest i could come up with..
    ha ha..
    Thanks guys.. You make my day.. I don care if I don get the T-shirt :P

    Back to work :(

  2. krudebox

    Ooh.. Congrats guys!!

  3. All my shirts are tight,
    There are no signs of me getting petite.
    Grant me a good T Shirt my pal,
    Let’s show the world that geekiness is not so useless after all :)

    Good going guys. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Congrats guys! Well done!

  5. Goyal

    Awesome achievement guys! Keep rocking!!

  6. shrik

    Hooray! More t-shirts!

    Also, check out BB as it looks in Lynx: (via

  7. Bharath

    hi… bharath here from NIT Trichy… have been quizzing for the last five years or so… this site has helped me further my interest in tech trivia and a i wouldn’t have come across a lot of intersting stuff if it wasn’t for boiledbeans…..

  8. Logik

    bbplay is almost like google reader play. kickass feature.

    congrats on the 1000.

    and yay, bendakaalu schwag please give give :)

  9. shenoyvarun86

    BendakaaLoorina hudugare, Benda kaaLU dina tindaru bejaar aagtailla, innu saavira dina tinnalu tayaar!
    Now give me T Shirt! :P

  10. bharath357

    Well my beans were getting boiled at work, until I found this site.. Yes, my beans are still getting boiled trying to figure out the answers, but this boiling is making my beans way too good :)
    Great work guys!

  11. lanu

    Congo on 1000 !!! Good on ya, Boiled beans..

  12. Qbrain

    Its Uber-cool. V can call this “hands free” version of boiled beans. [v can just use fingers !]

  13. Raghuvansh

    Great job, guys! Congratulations.

  14. Poornima

    chappaLe! Awesome!
    I want a T-shirt!

  15. dineshk

    This is one of the best quiz blogs on the net and by far the best interface I have seen in any site that has such regular user feedback. Keep up the great work.

  16. Rahulk

    Not just about getting a t-shirt … Only one word describes your site …. AWESOME!!! The only site for which I fought with my Project Manager and the admin guys to unblock it …. They are only happy with the fact that you post one question per day or else they have to contend with a random under performing nerd … Little do they know that I browse through your old ones while others are not watching …. BB Play is just going to spoil me now ….

    An old hindi saying for you and your rocking site… Dudho nahao … Puto phalo …. or something to that effect!!!

  17. Rithwik K

    Boiledbeans !!! Congratz on this occassion!!! Great Qstns!! Great stuffs!!! Great techies all around!!Many record broken and created!!!Thankz for being the most popular tech site in India.

  18. Teju

    Yipeeee!!! :)

  19. Vardhan Shenoy

    My brother got a BB tshirt already and he shows it off a little too much. So gimme one to shut him up! :D

    Happy 1000th day!

  20. Hey congrats guys :)
    That’s a big achievement !
    Aahsome really !
    How consistent you have been in posting questions and how the quality has never been compromised is what makes it great ! Plus ‘Boiledbeans’ is one of the URLs that appear when I search my name on Google and thus its one of the contributing factors that makes all the URLs on first page pointing towards me.
    Cheers !

  21. reddevil_ani

    Bb u rock…!!! joined it pretty late but lovin it to d core…!!! n kudos to d 2 admins…!!! dis is 1 daily assignment v luv to complete…!! :)

  22. boiled beans just increases my geek iq
    thanks a lot

  23. Eh give T-Shirt man eh…I will not spam you ok.

  24. Hi all, congratulations for such an astounding achievement. 1000 days old is no child’s play and I hope you take this forward and keep quizzing fanatics like me really busy. the one thing i really like about boiled beans is the scoring system complete with all statistics just like a cricket match. another thing worth mentioning is your blog is never short of humor! so keep it up guys!

  25. yaksha

    The reason why BB is great because of the motivation u guyz have to post every day even in the midst of ur busy life, now thats a real good hobby, i feel! Go BB!

  26. ooh nange kodi tshirtu.
    dang, saw it too late.

  27. Vijay

    Hello World! Where s my tee? :) Thanks for the good work guys, been a lot of help in quizzes!

  28. Prasad

    Do i get a free t-shirt for this?

  29. Hema

    Congratulations! But knowing you two, i would have expected all the action on the 1024th day ;)

  30. Dibyo

    i didn’t get my tshirt the last time around!

  31. sandesh


  32. Treyambak Madyalkar

    Tell u watttt… dis is awwwwwwwwwsommmmmmmmmeeeeeee stuff guys…!!! good goin… N plannin fr a more ‘deep’ bb..!!! GO GO GO….!!!!..

  33. kriskingle

    cool blog, the first blog I check on my reader everyday!!!
    Thanks a lot, you guys..

  34. kriskingle

    Cool blog, the first blog I check on my reader everyday…thanks, guys.

  35. udupendra

    How can I say no to a free shirt! And I want this to be comment no. 42.

  36. umang

    hello boiledbeans!!… 10^3 days.. awesome!!

  37. Mo


  38. That’s seriously cool, guys.

    There isn’t much English which can substitute the letter and the spirit of the following words:

    Boiledbeans rocks. It’s the best thing to happen for Quizzing over Internet :)

    My best to you.

    PS: I think i’m a little late for my T-shirt :( Anyway, if its up for sale, do post the details.

  39. Raghuvansh

    Great job, guys! Congratulations.

  40. raklodramA

    hello world… :)he he

  41. raklodramA

    “Slowdown, Speedy Gonzales!”
    still loading the next question …
    I liked that message that popped out when you try to hurriedly quick for the next question…

    Bravo!! Bravo!! Its not only the commitment that you guys ahve shown with 1000 questions, but the awesome questions that you come up with is what makes me go weak in the knees.
    Keep the good work going :)

  42. Hari

    Tried bbPlay – looks nice.
    Only issue is that some of your questions have – “Refer to X’s comment for the answers”, and there’s no easy way to get to that.

  43. username

    syso(“hello world”);

  44. Aparna

    Me wants shirt! :D

  45. KK

    congrats for 1000 days :) you have been making us the professional online quizzers.. thank you :)

  46. sidsen

    LOL Congratulations guys – fabulous job and keep the show running.

    speaking of Tshirts, must collect unclaimed tshirt as well.

    the BBplay is a fabulous idea, given that i have more or less forgotten most of the questions that have been earlier.

  47. Ayush Agrawal

    Hey guys !!
    gotta say , i love your blog !!! one of my fave quiz blogs , and essential part of my daily cycle-through …. and i love the bbplay concept … around a couple of months ago , when i first discovered this blog , i did go through all the previous posts , and like you said , it was a pain in the butt …. i guess this will help the new guys a lot …

    thanx ..

  48. Rogi

    Thank you for this site, guys. It’s a great way not only to keep my synapses firing, daily. But it keeps me current on my meme-age and other happenings in Geekdom.

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