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March 19, 2010

Weekend special

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3 guest questions. You can post answers on a single comment. 1 point for every correct answer.
1. From sidsen

Slightly hard core question straight for the dedicated and the fan boys. The picture is a fan boy creation tribute to a particular character (apparently the third most popular one in its line, and the unofficial sad and depressed mascot of the group), which in turn (that is the particular character the fan boy tribute is a tribute to) was created as a parody/tribute nod to another frog from a really famous (but annoying) game.

Give me the famous (annoying) game.

2. Raghuvansh has meticulously put together this video question (he has done the video edits too!)

Video (A) shows X (easy!) talking about a supposedly major turning point (Y) in his career in an “interview” on the show Z. Clips from Y are interspersed. The video has been edited heavily to avoid making the answer too obvious.

Connect the whole setup to the gentleman in the image (B).


3. shenoyvarun86 asks who this guy is

Send in questions to plzokthx.

All three correct: googboog, Logik, Rogi, shenoyvarun86 and shrik. Awesome!

>=1 correct: googboog(3) , varuns88(2) , Logik(3) , malcaluffin , Raghuvansh(2) , Rogi(3) , krudebox , shenoyvarun86(3) , sidsen(2) , Dibyo(2) , Inglourious(2) , shrik(3) , Aditya , The Lonely Saint , mankuTimma , Thejas V R , madhur(2) , udupendra , Aparna and akhi(2)

Quoting Rogi

1 – Fisty the Snowfrog from World of Goo.
2A – Christoph Waltz on His Role in Der Humpink
2B – Rick Astley
2X – Christopher Waltz
2Y – Der Humpink
2Z – Jimmy Kimmel Live (Surely not BBC TWO)

The connection is that Waltz was parodying Trololo which is supposed to be the Russian Rickroll.
3 – Blender creator and *Big Buck Bunny* producer, Ton Roosendaal

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