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February 18, 2010

Roll Cameras!

devadutta @ 11:59 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1266537570 ) Play

This one from Rogi keeps the GQ marathon running

What’s the cause of the anomalies pictured?

Hint: They happen only in specific type of cameras

Cracked by: udupendra , Gurupad , Logik , Rogi , Raghuvansh , Dibyo , Rahulk , sidsen and shenoyvarun86

Nice crack, people!


Quoting Rogi

Aliasing or slit-scanning caused by a rolling (non-global) CMOS shutter used in cheap cameras like the iPhone

In simple terms, if a sensor is read slower than the rate of change of the image formed on it, you get these artifacts. specially when taking pics of propellers because it would have moved by the time the sensor reads the contents on the scene.

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