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February 7, 2010

Short and sweet

devadutta @ 10:32 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1265581974 ) Play

udupendra san has hit 600 points! Awesome sire!  This medal is yours . Also, this question comes from him.

Who wore this, where (recently) , what does it do?

P.S: sidsen has an undisclosed gripe about GQHero trophies, from my guess, it is about awarding trophies to old guest questions.. It is hard to apply those trophies to older questions, so, the case is under discussion, sire :)

Cracked by: Rogi , Raghuvansh , udupendra , Logik , Inglourious and akhi

Answer: Imogen Heap wore a ‘Twitter dress’ to the Grammies – the dress + clutch combo had a live feed of all tweets with #twitdress tag (via: @udupendra ;) )

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