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October 26, 2009


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You are sitting there..  reading random stuff on the Internet and suddenly, you see a page which has some really cool and geeky funda in it. You want to send it to us as a guest question, but you have to open your mailbox, compose a mail and hit send. Hard. We agree.

To simplify matters, we are introducing a simple bookmarklet which you can drag to your bookmarks bar and click on it each time you see an awesome page. Fill in your name and hit send, it will reach us.

It is as simple as saving a bookmark on (I still love the old name) or Google Bookmarks.

Drag the link below to your bookmarks bar.


and when you reach an awesome page, clicky on the link, to see this


For those who don’t know how to drag a link to the bookmarks bar, please to read this

One Response to “this->guestQuestion();”

  1. djds4rce

    awesome man :) too good
    try letting other quiz blogs also use this

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