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September 27, 2009


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(1) said it would set the atmosphere on fire and possibly destroy the world. Ironically, (2) said it wouldn’t work at all. (3) came closest and won it in the end. What? also, who are (1), (2) and (3)?

Cracked by Dibyo , AmK , udupendra , Rogi , Advaith , nishansolo , krudebox , shenoyvarun86 and Chinmaya U.Holla


Enrico Fermi (1) started a betting pool on the outcome of the Trinity nuke test. Oppenheimer (2) thought it wouldn’t work. Isidor Isaac Rabi (3) won with his guess of 20 Kilotons being the closest.

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  1. fat man and little boy. fermi, oppenheimer.

  2. Dibyo

    fermi, oppenheimer and rabi, and their bet on the yield of the first a-bomb test – rabi’s estimate of 18 kilotons of tnt came closest.

  3. 1 – Enrico Fermi
    2 – Robert Oppenheimer

    Thermonuclear Explosion Test

  4. AmK

    The three are Enrico Fermi (1), J Robert Oppenheimer (2) and Isidor Rabi(3). The scientists working on the Trinity test for the atom bomb set up a betting pool for the results of the test, with predictions ranging from total dud to incineration of the planet. Rabi’s guess of 18 kilotons of TNT was closest to the actual 20, and he won the pool.

  5. udupendra

    A bunch of scientists set up a betting pool to predict how much energy would the first atomic explosion produce. Isidor Rabi won with his guess of 18K MT of TNT, which was close enough to the actual 20K.

    1 – Fermi
    2 – Oppenheimer
    3 – Rabi

  6. Rogi

    A one dollar bet about the yield of the first atom bomb test.
    1- Enrico Fermi
    2- Julius Robert Oppen
    3- Isidor Isaac (”I. I.”) Rabi
    Rabi won the bet with a guess of 18 kilotons.

  7. the first atom bomb. 2 is Oppenheimer.

  8. Adhi

    “It” is the atom bomb

    (1) is Enrico Fermi

    (2) is Robert Oppenheimer

    I don’t know who 3 is

  9. Advaith

    Enrico\\\\\\\’s fermi\\\\\\\’s wager just before the trinity test on the outcome of the test. 2 is Robert Oppenheimer. 3. ummm George Kistiyakovsky??

  10. nishansolo

    These were the bets placed by Enrico Fermi(1), Robert Oppenheimer(2) and Isidor Isaac Rabi(3) about what would happen when the Trinity explosion happened. Rabi obviously won.

  11. krudebox

    Bets placed on what would be the outcome of the Trinity nuclear test from the Manhattan Project.
    (1)Enrico Fermi, (2)Robert Oppenheimer and (3)I I Rabi.

  12. Raghuvansh

    The first thermonuclear test and, in order, Fermi, Oppenheimer and Rabi.

  13. akhi

    Fermi, Oppenheimer, ?

    The Trinity Test

  14. sidsen

    fermi oppenheimer teller – i am death, the destroyer of worlds. few, who read comics along with the bhagwad gita, also call me galacticus.

  15. atom bomb(fermi,oppenheimer)

  16. trinity test

  17. Fermi, Oppenheimer,i I Rabi..
    the trinity test wager

  18. Chinmaya U.Holla

    Bet whether Trinity would be a success.Fermi,Oppenheimer and Rabbi

  19. xtremevarun

    oppenheimer, fermi and teller, h-bomb

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