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August 13, 2009

Birthday! Birthday!!

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Hello World!

Boiledbeans has turned 2 years old today!

We are super thrilled about this and to celebrate, we have some exciting contests planned for the weekend starting 22nd August 2009. We will put in more details about the contest(s) in the coming days, so please keep your calendar booked!

We thank all our guest question contributors, hall of famers, awesome runlength holders, monthly toppers and most importantly, every single user of Boiledbeans for keeping us running!

Thank you!

Bonus question for the day: Identify the cake.

Cracked by: udupendra , shrik , Debasish , Hema , Mo , dheeraj , Rogi , Logik , Raghuvansh and ashwin velapanur.

Answer:The Portal Cake!

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