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July 12, 2009

Care for a game of chess?

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Question 3 of the five-question theme round.

Journalist Ron Rosenbaum described a military simulations computer in this article

Two hollywood storywriters were inspired by this and created one of the most famous movie computers of all time. What was it called?

Hint: a recent XKCD.

Cracked by p vs np , udupendra , Rogi , Raghuvansh , Advaith , Johny Walker , krudebox , Dibyo , nishansolo , akhi , varuns88 , joe and Logik.

Theme cracked by: Logik, varuns88, nishansolo, krudebox, Dibyo, Johny Walker, p vs np and udupendra. 3 points to each of you when this round is done :-)


WOPR – the computer that almost nuked the planet in the cult-classic movie Wargames.

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