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July 11, 2009

Wave your hands menacingly!

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Question 2 of the five question theme round.

(1) is less famous for (2). He’s actually really famous for something else. (2) was actually based on that something else. Who is (1), what is (2) and what is he more famous for?

Cracked by nishansolo , udupendra , Rogi (Forbidden planet is way geekier than Lost in Space, plz :) ) , Advaith , lordmaldy , krudebox , bobo , Nakul , Raghuvansh , shenoyvarun86 , Dibyo and p vs np.

Theme cracked by: Raghuvansh and Advaith! Great going guys. You will each get 4 additional points :-). Raghuvansh, can you please post your theme answer separately from the individual answer?


  1. Robert Kinoshita
  2. The Robot from Lost in Space

He’s more famous for designing the robot in the Forbidden Planet.

20 Responses to “Wave your hands menacingly!”

  1. nishansolo

    1. Robert Kinoshita
    2. Lost In Space(B9 Environmental Control Robot)

    Robert Kinoshita is actually really famous as the designer for Robby The Robot from Forbidden Planet

  2. udupendra

    Robert Kinoshita, the robot in Lost in Space, Robbie the Robot.

  3. udupendra

    Theme – Futurama

  4. Rogi

    1 is Robert Kinoshita
    2 is Robby the Robot (Though I think you have that backwards given the B9 fanbase.)

  5. Logik

    1. Irwin Allen,
    2. Lost in Space
    More famous for ‘The Lost World’

  6. Advaith

    1.Robert Kinoshita.
    2.Lost in Space television series.

    Kinoshita designed the Robot for the series.

    He is more famous for designing Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet.

    [Edited to remove theme guess – Srikanth]

  7. Advaith

    is the theme star trek. coz Brent Spiner used Robbie as an inspiration for playing Data

  8. ah, the original Lost in Space… Been a while, those were good times, good times :)
    The guy’s Robert Kinoshita, the designer of Robot. He also built Robby the robot from Forbidden Planet.

  9. krudebox

    1. Robert Kinoshita
    2. Cast members of the Lost In Space TV Series

    Robert Kinoshita designed the B9 Environmental Control Robot for the series.
    He is more famous for creating Robby the Robot for the movie Forbidden Planet. (??)

  10. robert kinoshita, lost in space (and the B9 robot), and forbidden planet’s robby the robot

  11. 1- Irwin Allen
    2- Lost in Space
    Something Else- No Clue

    Do I Get a point for this?

  12. Nakul

    Robert Kinoshita, more famous for robby the robot in forbidden space than B9 from lost in space…

  13. Raghuvansh

    Robert Kinoshita, famous for designing the robot from Lost in Space and also Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet.

    [Edited to remove theme guess – Srikanth]

  14. Lost in space, Irwin Allen of disaster movies fame

  15. Advaith

    oh shit i got the connect..dunno if this will count. sorry guys. Its the AT&T 2006 commercial featuring robby, voder, rosie from the jetsons etc.

  16. Dibyo

    Robert Kinoshita (1), who designed Robbie the Robot as well as The Robot in Lost in Space (2)

  17. p vs np

    Robert Kinoshita, Robby the robot, and and the “B9 Environmental Control” robot from the 1960s TV series Lost in Space who was called “Robot.”

  18. p vs np

    Connect: Stanley Kubrick?

  19. p vs np

    Ok. The connect is the AT&T Text To Speech commercial. :)

  20. Raghuvansh

    Theme guess as requested by mods – the AT&T text to speech (TTS) ad features the Voder, Robby the Robot etc etc etc.

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