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June 23, 2009


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Guest question from udupendra. Thanks saar! (update: I like this question!)

Identify and connect


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Quoting udupendra

“The second image is of Ajay Bhatt, an Intel employee instrumental in the development of USB. 1 is Sunil Narkar, an actor who plays him in the new Intel ad.”

29 Responses to “Superstar”

  1. Sunil Narkar(L) who plays Ajay Bhatt(R) in the new Intel advert.

  2. IBM Superstars. One\’s real Bhatt and another is not (in reverse order of appearance L-to-R).

  3. Logik

    Sunil Narkar[left], the chap who played the role of Ajay Bhatt[right], in the awesome Intel Superstars/Rockstars Ad.

  4. Ajay Bhatt (Co-creator of the USB) (right) and the guy who plays him in the latest Intel ad

  5. AmK

    Ajay Bhatt (2) and the actor who plays him in the Intel ad – Sunil Narkar (1).

  6. say, didn’t these guys apear in the recent Intel ads?
    The dude to the left’s that usb-waala.. dunno the other

  7. Ananth

    The actor who played Ajay Bhatt. The real Ajay Bhatt (co-inventor USB)… Intel ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’ videos.

    Don’t ask questions that remind me of my ex-employers! Makes me feel all nostalgic.

  8. Siddharth Jain

    The second picture shows Ajay Bhatt (the co-inventor of the USB), while the first one is of the actor who plays him in the Intel Rock-star ad.

  9. nishansolo

    Sunil Narkar and Ajay Bhatt

    Sunil Narkar plays is the fake Ajay Bhatt in Intel\’s Sponsors of Tomorrow ad

  10. the first pic is that of the actor playing Ahay Bhatt in the Intel Ads
    Ajay Bhatt – Cofounder of USB

  11. foobar

    1) Fake Ajay Bhatt: Featuring in the Intel “superstars” advt.
    2) Real Ajay Bhatt: Co-inventor of USB

  12. p vs np

    To the right, with the ‘I got ya!’ pose is the actual, camera-shy Ajay V Bhatt, the rockstar co-inventor of the USB from Intel. To the left is Sunil Narkar, the guy who ‘personified’ him in the neat ad.

    So, connect is Ajay V Bhatt, himself ?!

  13. krudebox

    1. Sunil Narkar – A professional actor who played Ajay Bhatt in the Intel commercial

    2. The real Ajay Bhatt – Co-Creator of USB.

  14. sidnag

    1) Sunil Narkar (Who plays Bhatt in the Intel “Rockstar ad”)
    2) Ajay Bhatt (Co-Founder of the USB)

  15. emrohit

    (1) is Sunil Narkar who acted as Ajay Bhatt (2) co-inventor of USB in Intel’s Rock star ads.

  16. udupendra

    The second image is of Ajay Bhatt, an Intel employee instrumental in the development of USB. 1 is Sunil Narkar, an actor who plays him in the new Intel ad.

  17. One in the right is the Original Ajay Bhatt cocreator of USB..and one in the left is Ajay Bhatt in the Intel super stars ad

  18. USB!!

  19. Vivek

    Sunil Narkar
    Ajay Bhatt

  20. 1. Fake Ajay Bhatt in the Intel ad.
    2. Real Ajay Bhatt

  21. Dibyo

    Sunil Narkar as Ajay Bhatt, who invented USB, in the Intel ad

  22. abhinav kadambi

    the guy on the right is ajay bhatt(co-creator of the USB) and works for IBM.
    i dunno the guy on the right, but can say that the pose he is giving is the same way ajay bhatt poses in the IBM ads!

  23. Raghuvansh

    Ajay Bhatt’s döppelganger, accompanied by the real thing.

  24. Nakul

    th guy who plays ajay bhatt in the Rockstar ad of Intel. The other pic Ajay Bhatt himself.

  25. achyuth

    the first pic is the guy who acts as ajay bhatt (2nd pic) for the intel ad – superstars.

  26. varuns88

    A.Sunil Narkar who plays Ajay Bhatt in the Intel ad.
    B.The Real Ajay Bhatt

  27. Kiran

    Dev you should be knowing this :)

    the supposedly ajay bhatt and ajay bhatt himself

  28. Rogi

    Heh. I guess I Dont watch enough TV.

  29. Sunil Narkar (L) and Ajay Bhatt(R)

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