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June 20, 2009


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This phrase was coined by (1) to describe a kind of computer. (2) was the first computer of this kind. The famous workstation (3) was also made to target this, eventually creating a huge computer company. The super-famous (4), which lead to a certain turtlenecked dude becoming famous, was also initially designed to be a computer of this kind.

What phrase?

Cracked by piezocake , Dibyo , Logik (No :P), Sandipan Chakravarty , Raghuvansh , lordmaldy , Ananth and Advaith.


  1. Dr. Raj Reddy
  2. The Perq workstation – a Zerox Alto clone
  3. A SUN-1 workstation
  4. The NEXT cube (of Steve Jobs’ fame).

2-4 were initially meant to be “3M computers”. The phrase, coined by 1, stood for a computer with at least at least a megabyte of memory, a megapixel display and a Million instructions per second or MIPS processing power.

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