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May 16, 2009

Geared for weird: high stakes

srikanth @ 9:00 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1242507625 ) Play

Borderline non-tech, nevertheless interesting. What connects these and many more? Identify plz.

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Cracked by Raghuvansh , Dibyo and shrik.

Answer:, the online casino, does weird things to get publicity (possibly since its fairly hard to get any sort of publicity at all for a web-based gambling joint). These were some of them.

  1. Species of monkey which is now named
  2. A woman who had the name tattooed on her forehead
  3. A woman who changed her name to
  4. Brangelina ultrasound that they com bought, and an unrelated baby who was named

And so on and so forth.

6 Responses to “Geared for weird: high stakes”

  1. KRIK


  2. Rithwik K

    The Monkey. It was discovered in western Bolivia\\\\\\\’s Madidi National Park in 2004 by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Rather than choosing a name themselves, they auctioned off the naming rights to raise funds for a nonprofit organization. online casino, well-known for its winning Internet auctions, mostly for bizarre items) one of over a dozen bidders, paid US$ 650,000 to have the species named after them.

    …Dont know the rest but i guess all takes irts name from various sites………

  3. Raghuvansh

    Is this question a well calculated publicity stunt by

  4. byslexia

    1. No clue.
    2 & 3. People selling off their names and forehead space to
    4. Angelina Jolie\’s kid Shiloh. Somebody had registered a domain in her name before Brangelina could and that finally had to be bought out.

    So, I guess the connect is Domain name trading/Investment

  5. Dibyo
    10 and their wierd internet auction bids.

  6. shrik
    9 publicity stunts.

    1. The Monkey
    2. Karolyne Smith had the URL permanently tattooed on her forehead
    3. Terri Iligan changed her name to
    4. Ultrasound of the Brangelina baby bought by

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