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April 8, 2009

The other 60 are yet to come

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Eclipse’s (software) release codenames.

20 Responses to “The other 60 are yet to come”

  1. emrohit

    Eclipse Simultaneous Release. The first three have been named after moons of Jupiter – Calisto, Europa, Ganymede and the one to be released in June 2009 is called Galileo. Also Eclipse began as an IBM Canada project and IBM is one of the strategic member of Eclipse foundation.

  2. Raghuvansh

    The Eclipse Foundation, for the Open source Eclipse projects was created by IBM. The projects were originally named after Jupiter’s moons Io, Callisto and Europa and the latest is named after Galileo.

  3. foobar

    IBM eclipse projects: Callisto, Europa, Ganymede which are named after Jupiter’s moons or rather Galilean moons as they were discovered by Galileo.

  4. Eclipse releases.. Calisto, Europa, Ganemade & Galileo

  5. muskvar

    1) Gallilien moons(ie. the moons that revolve around jupiter)(europa,ganymede and callisto)
    2) galileo the astronomer
    3) IBM—>Eclipse releases are named after these moons.

  6. darthshak

    First off, awesome question!

    The connect is the releases of the Eclipse SDK. It began as a project at IBM, Canada.
    Each of the simultaneous releases of Eclipse are named after the Galilean satellites.
    So far, we have 3.2 -> Callisto, 3.3 -> Europa, 3.4 -> Ganymede and 3.5 -> Galileo.

    Pic 1 is of course, the Galilean satellites. Pic 2 is Galileo and Pic 3 is the IBM logo.

  7. AmK

    Releases of the Eclipse platform, which started as an IBM Canada project, are named after the moons of Jupiter – Europa, Ganymede, Callisto (Pic 1), discovered by Galileo (Pic 2). Galileo is also the name of the upcoming 2009 Eclipse release.

  8. Dibyo

    Something to do with Jupiter’s moons – Galileo discovered some – they’re called the Galilean moons, and so on.

  9. Saurabh

    The Eclipse IDE. Created by IBM. So far named after Jupiter\’s Galilean moons Callisto, Europa, Ganymede. 60 Moons remain (The next one is called Galileo though)

  10. Vijay Shankar

    1. Callisto, Europa, Ganymede – Moons of Jupiter
    2. Galileo
    3. IBM

    The connect is Eclipse which began as an IBM Canada project.

  11. krik

    Since 2006, the Eclipse Foundation has coordinated an annual Simultaneous Release. Each release includes the Eclipse Platform as well as a number of other Eclipse projects. The purpose is to provide a distribution of Eclipse software with static features and versions. Ostensibly, this simplifies deployment and maintenance for enterprise systems, and others may simply find it convenient. So far, each Simultaneous Release has been named after one of the moons of Jupiter, and has occurred at the end of June.

    Callisto 30 June 2006 3.2 Callisto projects
    Europa 29 June 2007 3.3 Europa projects
    Ganymede 25 June 2008 3.4 Ganymede projects
    Galileo 26 June 2009 3.5 Galileo projects

  12. shrik

    Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Galileo – Simultaneous Releases of the Eclipse Platform.

    The Eclipse Project was originated in IBM.

  13. arag0rn

    Eclipse IDE release names based on Galilean moons

  14. u2001137


  15. Rahulk

    The annual simultaneous releases of the Eclipse Software were named after Galilean moons and Galileo himself…

    The releases being Callisto,Europa , Ganymede and Galileo….

    Galileo is due to release on 26th June 2009…..

  16. Mo

    Galilean moons Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Galileo. IBM. Don’t know the connection – perhaps some projects/supercomputers by IBM?

  17. krik


  18. p vs np


  19. moons of jupiter?

  20. akhi

    Eclipse software development platform.

    Each release so far has been named after the moons of Jupiter(Europa, Callisto, Ganymede) and Galileo.

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