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April 7, 2009

Dangerous David

srikanth @ 9:00 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1239138007 ) Play

Connect the mainframe processor architect in (1) with (2) and more recently (3).

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Cracked by Raghuvansh , shrik , Ps , shenoyvarun86 , Gautam Dn(RV) , darthshak , Dibyo , jayanth and Siddharth Jain.


  1. Wilson Knight, played by Richard Basehart. Was a billionaire genius who created a mainframe processor that was eventually used in
  2. The Pontiac Trans-am, which was the shootin’, fightin’, wisecrackin’ car in the original Knight Rider TV series. A recent movie being made based on the same TV series features a
  3. Ford Shelby GT500, which has a processor inside it designed by the same guy again.

Thankfully, the new movie does not feature David Hasselhoff :P

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