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March 22, 2009


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Guest question from p vs np. Thanks again dude!

Some places have contributed one each to it. Just one university of repute has been capable of contributing one from its side. Furthermore, some distinguished scientists of the 20th century were also only capable of contributing just one each to it.

But a little mine in the village of ‘x’, which lies in the district marked in red, has the unique distinction of contributing nearly half a dozen to it, all by itself !

Solve for x.


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PS: Apologies for posting late. This question will be up for a few more hours than usual.

15 Responses to “leenakuhrubcussfur”

  1. Raghuvansh

    Ytterby, periodic table.

  2. p vs np

    The periodic table of chemical elements is being referred to here. Some places, quite a few scientists, a university (University of California, Berkeley) etc have lent their names to the chemical elements on the table.

    Ytterby (x), a small village in Vaxholm district of the Stockholm archipelago (marked in yellow), has a quarry of the same name(Ytterby) which has been the ‘inspiration’ behind naming the following elements:
    yttrium (Y), ytterbium (Yb), terbium (Tb) and erbium (Er).

    Some other elements which have supposedly been named after this quarry are gadolinium (Gd) (named after gadolinite, which is named after Professor Johan Gadolin), holmium (Ho) (from the Latin name for Stockholm), and thulium (Tm) (Thule is an old Latin word for the Nordic countries).

    It’s the only place to have ‘inspired’ so many elements.

    PS: The title of the question- “Leenakuhrubcussfur” was created as a mnemonic to learn the elements of the first group – Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr , when introduced to the periodic table, back in school :D

  3. Dibyo


  4. sidsen

    ytterby: will send questions later this week

  5. Ytterby


  7. Rohan

    nice question..

    the place is ytterby..

    chemical elements..

  8. quaziluffy

    Ytterby – terbium, ytterbium, erbium, gadolinium, yttrium i think.

  9. Ajay Parasuram

    elements of the periodic table? hmm..”nearly half a dozen” eh.. nearly, well :)

  10. Kal

    Elements in the periodic table

  11. u2001137

    We are talking about elements in the periodic table.
    The red city in the map is Vaxholm, and the village that we are talking about is Ytterby, which has contributed to 4 chemical elements – yttrium (Y), ytterbium (Yb), terbium (Tb) and erbium (Er).

    Elements named after places – Cf, Am
    Elements named after University – berkeley (Bk)
    Elements named after scientists – Cm, Fm, Md, Es etc.

  12. BiGFooT


  13. Rithwik K

    Ytterby..i guess 4 elements are named after it…

  14. Sridhar C

    Ytterby, periodic table

  15. Rahulk

    Ah!!!!…. Old days when I used to remember the Alkali metals…..

    leenakuhrubcussfur…..Damn I missed the question!!

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