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January 4, 2009

Yes, Minster!

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Answer:Buckminster Fuller, Buckminsterfullerene.

2 is named after 1.

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  1. Kal

    Buckministerfullerene, named after Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller ‘s geodesic domes. (in the picture) who was an architect known for building many geodesic domes.

  2. Raghuvansh

    High school chemistry. Richard Buckminster Fuller known for his geodesic domes and the Buckminsterfullerene molecule (specifically, bucky ball) named after him for its resemblance to geodesic domes.

  3. Pic 1 : Buckminster Fuller
    Pic 2 : Lattice shell structures

    Connect : Fuller was most famous for his lattice shell structures – geodesic domes, which can be seen as part of military radar stations, civic buildings, environmental protest camps and exhibition attractions

    Fuller\’s dome-design conceptualization was the Buckminster Ball, which was the official FIFA approved design for footballs (soccer balls)

  4. Goyal

    Buckminster Fuller – Buckminsterfullerenes

  5. Rc

    The guy in the first photo is R. Buckminster Fuller.
    The fullerene or C60 (shown in second photo) was discovered in 1985 by Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley at the University of Sussex and Rice University, who named it after Richard Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic domes it resembles.

  6. Pradeep Ramarathnam

    Called bucky balls since they resemble buckminsterfuller\\\’s works..
    That is the structure of the BMF C 60 molecule.

    Its fun to say it.Buckminster Fuller.

  7. Dibyo

    Buckminister Fuller, and fullerenes/C60 molecules, which resemble the seams on soccer balls.

  8. Dibyo

    To clarify, I forgot to mention that fullerenes are named in honour of Buckminister Fuller – aka buckyballs, etc.

  9. username

    1. Buckminster Fuller
    2. Buckminsterfullerene or The “Buckyball”

    Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller was an American architect, author, designer, futurist, inventor and visionary. He was the second president of Mensa{hence the hint!!}. He lends his name to a family of complex carbon structures called Buckminsterfullerenes, also known as “Bucky Balls.”

  10. Pillai

    Bucky Balls?

  11. Rohan

    buckminster fuller who proposed the structure of bucky-balls.. C60

  12. nishansolo

    Buckminster Fuller and Buckminsterfullerene(C60)/Fullerene

  13. mach101

    Buckminster Fuller and Buckminsterfullerenes, also known as “Bucky Balls”.

  14. yaksha

    R. Buckminster Fuller
    c60 bucky ball

  15. Vinay Nair

    Buckminster Fuller – discovered the C60 bucky-ball. Also known as Buckminsterfullerene.

  16. duriel

    Richard Buckminster Fuller

    (named after him)

  17. priyananda

    Easy one!

    Richard Buckminster Fuller, after whom the C60 Fullerenes are named.

  18. calvin

    pic 1 – Richard Buckminster Fuller
    pic 2 – structure of C60
    connect – “Buckminsterfullerene” named after the architect Richard Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes which the C60 structure resembles.

  19. Richard Buckminster Fuller,Geodesic Sphere

    Connect: Buckminsterfullerene

  20. alakh_niranjan

    guy is Richard Buckminister Fuller
    and the other is C-60 structure discovered by him

  21. p vs np

    Pic 1.Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller
    Pic 2. Buckminsterfullerene-C60

    Connect: Eponymous chemical structure

  22. Aparna

    Buckminster Fuller, the guy after whom the commplex carbon structure ‘fullerenes’ are named.

  23. Ps

    1.R. Buckminster Fuller;
    2.Buckminsterfullerene, fullerene molecule of 60 carbon atoms;

    hint: 2 (the bukyball), resembles a soccer ball in structure.

    Answer: Buckminsterfullerene (C60) was named after Richard Buckminster Fuller, a noted architectural modeler who popularized the geodesic dome.

  24. Neeraj

    1. Richard Buckminster Fuller
    2. Structure of buckyball Fullerene.

    The fullerene was discovered in 1985 by Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley at the University of Sussex and Rice University, who named it after Richard Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic domes it resembles.

  25. Ananth

    Richard Buckminster Fuller. Carbon C-60 structure – Also called Buckminster Fullerene.

  26. quaziluffy

    Buckminister ball, fullerene

  27. Buckminsterfullerene or bucky balls.

    1. Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller
    2. A Fullerene

    Finally the Chem stuff I had to mug is useful :)

  28. udupendra

    Buckminster Fuller, Buckyball/Fullerene

  29. Wasi Manazir

    Buckminster Fuller
    Buckminsterfullerene (named after him)

    The ball is a model of Buckminsterfullerene C60

  30. Buckminster and Buckminster fullerene

  31. Neeraj

    Just noticed, there might be a slight discrepencies in the scores, since I hadn’t answered anything in the last 2 days I was wondering how the count for wrong answers went up by 1.

  32. Arjun Chennu

    I’m not sure if there’s much to “connect” but that’s Buckminister Fuller, the architect and visionary after whom was named the c60 Fullerene compounds (discovered by Smalley et al) because of the geodesic dome that Fuller had designed.

    They’re called “Bucky Balls”… and hence the hint?

  33. Manjith

    Buckminster Fuller and Fullerene.

  34. Rahul

    Bucky Ball! Buckminster Fullerene.

  35. madhur

    R. Buckminster Fuller formulated a method of the joining the pentagons, to make a perfect 3 dimensional spherical football

  36. Buckminster Fuller
    Design of the FIFA approved footballs (Buckminster Ball) is based on his geodesic dome.

  37. Rahulk

    Buckminister Fullerene or Buckyball , the structure which resembles a football….

    Sorry for the late replies… was too much into work…

  38. @Neeraj: We will see what is wrong.

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