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January 3, 2009

Live Quiz is here!

devadutta @ 8:00 am, GMT +0000 ( 1230969604 ) Play

Boiledbeans Live Quiz, the epic event is here!

You can start the quiz by clicking on the terminal image below. But, do read the rules and info before you start. They will come in very handy!


  • First one to answer ALL questions correctly wins. If no one finishes all questions, the one with the maximum correct answer wins.
  • When you reach the end, follow what bbterm tells you to do.
  • Points
    First to finish: 20 ( and a surprise )
    Second: 15
    Third: 10
    All others who get at least 2 correct:  2-5 points, depending on how many you have right

Usage Information:

The interface is modeled around a bash terminal. You type a command and hit [ENTER] for it to execute. It is that simple. So, when we say type a command, we mean, type it and hit [ENTER] ;)

  • When you type commands, do not add unnecessary spaces. If a command has an argument, seperate the command and the argument by only ONE space.
  • Do not use space in your username.
  • Do not use special characters
  • If you are stuck at some place, type hint
  • If you want to skip a question, type skip
    And follow bbterm’s instructions. You will loose points if you skip questions and you will not be considered first if someone who finishes later than you has more correct answers! So think twice before skipping.
  • If you want to end the game and leave with the points you already have, type resign
    and follow instructions

Browser compatibility:

  • Works perfectly on: Firefox, IE7 and IE6(please stop using it, for the good of all of us :P )
  • Works decently on: Chrome, Safari(including the iPhone version), Opera
  • Not tested on: IE5
  • Will not work on: Lynx or any browser that does not have Javascript support.

Click on the terminal image below to start the quiz!

7742cc128361b7430a531ba082cf4c35 Click here to start the Quiz!

Update: To start off, type hint

Update 2: Remember its like a bash terminal. Search for bash commands which does things mentioned in the hint. Like “find what you have in the current directory”.

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