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January 2, 2009


devadutta @ 9:59 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1230933575 ) Play

BB Live Quiz is tonight!
You will be able to see the link to the interface at exactly 21:30 (Indian Standard Time).
Remember that it is a run to finish and the first few people to finish  get a lot of points and a surprise!(details coming up later)

So dont forget to be here on time!

Now, the question: What supposedly connects

1. fbb70115d208c2234e72f57b6ac837cd 2. f9eeabb932f4658881e0d3153fbfb784

1 is something you get when you blow stuff like 3

3. c94b5b69dfb57b9984ab0e19eff5baf7

Went uncracked!

Answer:1 is the blue “Magic Smoke” you see when an integrated circuit over heats and catches fire.

The debian logo in 2 has a swirl of smoke in it, which is supposedly a reference to this “Magic Smoke” concept!

2 Responses to “Magic!”

  1. Goyal


  2. Kal

    etch, a distribution in debian

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