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December 31, 2008

Happy New Year folks!

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Greetings intrepid quizzers,

Foolish and sentimental as we humans are we do tend to attach undue importance to arbitrary conventions such as calendars. We, at Boiledeans, are not too different. Here’s hoping you had a great 2008 and will have a great 2009!

On to today’s question: slightly risque stuff to keep you interested :) . Connect:

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3 Responses to “Happy New Year folks!”

  1. duriel

    Cygnus X-1 black hole bet, between Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne.

    If CygnusX1 is a blackhole, Kip gets 1 year of penthouse.
    If it aint, Hawking gets 4 years of Private-Eye.


  2. username

    In 1975, cosmologist Stephen Hawking bet fellow cosmologist Kip Thorne a subscription to Penthouse magazine for Thorne against four years of Private Eye for him that Cygnus X-1 would turn out not to be a black hole. It was, so Hawking lost. It has been said that Hawking hoped to lose the bet, since so much of his own work depended upon the existence of black holes.

  3. Ananth

    The bet between Stephen Hawking and Kip Thorne about Cygnus.
    If Hawking won, Kip would gift him a subscription of Private Eye and if Kip won, Hawking would gift him a subscription to Penthouse.

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