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December 14, 2008

Round and round we go

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Connect 1 and 2 by telling us how they are not actually connected :)
This question is inspired by another question yaksha sent.

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Common misconception that Coriolis Effect applies to draining sinks and bath tubs, making them swirl in opposite directions in the two hemispheres. The force is only strong enough to affect the swirling directions of cyclones in the two hemispheres.

18 Responses to “Round and round we go”

  1. Coriolis Effect

    1) The Coriolis effect makes hurricanes rotate in opposite direction in the two hemispheres

    2) Toilets and Sinks actually dont drain according to the Coriolis effect, its just a myth.

  2. Pawankumar

    Something to do with the Coriolis force,wherein 1. Cyclones are affected by Coriolis force and 2. water seeping through the sinkhole is not affected by the coriolis force .2 however is mis-interpreted as influenced by Coriolis force .

  3. sidsen

    again can\’t see streaming video but from the way the question is framed, will venture a guess that it is water down a sink, and the answer you are looking for is that coriolis effect may affect formation of clouds but is largely irrelevant while determining direction of water down sinks.

  4. varuns88

    1.A cyclone in the northern hemisphere spins counter-clockwise,and clockwise in the southern which is a consequence of the Coriolis effect.
    2.The swirl direction of flushing water in a sink depends on the direction with which the water was introduced into the sink and not on Coriolis effect.

  5. anirudh patil

    is it the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere funda??

    vortices go in opposite directions…

  6. Dibyo

    Two words: Coriolis Effect.

    The first case: it doesn’t seem to be showing the effect, but that might be because of other forces. The video shows the Coriolis Effect influencing the swirl.

  7. Johny Walker

    Ferrel’s Law – Not followed by cyclone but by water flowing through sink

  8. akhi

    A misconception in popular culture is that water in bathtubs or toilets always drains in one direction in the Northern Hemisphere, and in the other direction in the Southern Hemisphere as a consequence of the Coriolis effect.

    to quote wiki

  9. Nakul

    Coirolis effect although holds true for hurricanes, doesnt explain the direction water going down the sink. Its a hoax that in Norhtern hemisphere it goes down counter clockwise and the opposite way in the southern. It is not an example of Coirolis effect.

  10. Kal

    Coriolis effects !!!

  11. username

    Coriolis Effect

    due to Coriolis effect cyclones in Norther Hemisphere rotates in one direction and that in Southern Hemisphere rotates in opposite direction
    but due to smaller dynamics water in sink does not follow this effect

    [it was good question!!]

  12. yaksha

    Coriolis effect

  13. Coriolis effect.

    It is due to Coriolis effect that cyclones/hurricanes/tornadoes turn anti clockwise in the northern hemisphere.

    Water swirling clockwise / anti clockwise is not due to Coriolis effect but it is mainly dependent on the direction in which water is introduced

  14. priyananda

    The common misconception that the Coriolis force, (which makes hurricanes rotate clockwise/anticlockwise depending on the northern/southern hemisphere) is powerful enough to affect flow of water in toilets and sinks.

  15. Ananta

    Rotating in different direction?

  16. 1)Coiriolis Effect- the storm rotates in the direction of the rotating earth
    2) draining of water doesn’t necessarily follow coirolis effect and the rotation may or may not be in the direction of the earth!!

  17. Siddharth Jain

    1. Hurricanes are caused by Coriolis’ forces as the earth spins, which result in the counterclockwise direction of flow in the Northern Hemisphere and vice-versa in the Southern Hemisphere.

    2. A popular myth that the same Coriolis force causes the water to flow in a similar manner when a drain plug is opened. The Coriolis forces on a basin are much much smaller, and the design of the basin, and direction at impact will be a more dominant factor.

  18. dheeraj

    Coriolis force which determines the the rotation of cyclone systems based on whether it is S.hemisphere or N.hemisphere.

    A misconception was that,the same force controled the flow water in a drain just like the cyclone!!

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