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December 13, 2008

5! 6! 7! 8! We all love to litigate!

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  1. This audio clip

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Cracked by username , Goyal , varuns88 , Ananta , UDit , shashank and sidsen (Neat work!) 

Yes, the clip was tiny: It’s barely a second long.  That was the clue :-)


See any of the right answers for the answer. I’m too lazy to type the whole thing here… So sue me.

21 Responses to “5! 6! 7! 8! We all love to litigate!”

  1. Johny Walker

    Beatles’ Apple Corps sued Apple Computers

  2. username

    1. Sosumi
    sound introduced in Mac System 7

    2. Apple Corps
    company founded by The Beatles

    3. Apple Computers

    there was legal dispute betn Beatles and Apple Corps for trademark issue.
    Sosume is pun on beatles song So Sue Me

  3. dheeraj

    Apple inc. created the Apple Newton,which was the first of the kind, to use sound as an interface….
    The sound clip was played when a menu or something is clicked..

  4. Goyal

    Apple Records vs Apple Comp

    In 1991, another settlement involving payment of around US$26.5 million to Apple Corps was reached.[4] This time, an Apple employee named Jim Reekes had included a sampled system sound called Chimes to the Macintosh operating system, but Apple’s legal department objected citing the agreement with Apple Corps. Reekes renamed the sound to sosumi, which he asserted was Japanese and meant nothing musical, but in fact can be read phonetically as “so sue me”. Outlined in the settlement was each company’s respective trademark rights to the term “Apple”. Apple Corps held the right to use Apple on any “creative works whose principal content is music”, while Apple Computer held the right to use Apple on “goods or services…used to reproduce, run, play or otherwise deliver such content”, but not on content distributed on physical media.[5] In other words, Apple Computer agreed that it would not package, sell or distribute physical music materials.

  5. Kal

    Alan Turing ?

  6. Prasad

    2 is the logo of Apple Records/Apple Corp
    3 is the logo of Apple Inc.
    Both of them have been having trademark battles for about 20 yrs now..
    1 is a beep??

  7. Ajay Parasuram

    Apple Corps, the Beatles’ record company, will be creating a video game based on the Beatles music catalogue.

  8. varuns88

    1.Sosumi,a system sound in Mac OS 7,created by Jim Reekes.

    2.Apple Corps Ltd,owned by The Beatles.

    3.Apple Inc.

    Connect->Jim Reekes named one of his sounds ‘Let It Beep’,a pun on The Beatles’ song ‘Let It Be’,which was in violation of an earlier settlement agreement between 2 and 3.A frustrated Reekes changed the name to ‘sosumi’, a play on ‘so sue me’.

  9. Ananta

    So su mi(1) is a chime intended as a pun on Apple Corps & Apple Inc. trademark lawsuit(s).

  10. 1-Sosumi
    2-Apple Records
    3-Apple Computer

    All part of the famous Apple Records vs Apple Computers Lawsuit.

  11. dheeraj

    The lawsuit between Apple corps and apple inc regarding the MIDI audio recording …the audio clip is related to chime embedded in Macintosh..which is against the settlement with apple corp…

  12. 1. MIDI file
    2. Apple Records
    3. Apple Computers

    Apple Records suing Apple Computer for their entry into music business:
    1)Apple Computer’s machines’ ability to play back MIDI music
    2)iTunes Music Store and the iPod

  13. Sosumi!
    Apple Corp vs Apple Computers’ long legal battle and the long story that ensued….

  14. Dibyo

    Apple Computer Vs Apple Corps litigation – can’t seem to play the audio

  15. p vs np

    The Beatles’ Apple Corp Ltd vs Apple Inc litigation.

  16. 1. sosumi – Sosumi is one of the system sounds introduced in Apple Inc.’s Macintosh System 7 operating system in 1991, an extremely short sample of a xylophone.

    2. The Big Green Apple – Logo of the NYC’s environmental campaign

    3. Old logo of Apple Inc.

    Being a sun(lazy)day, i am just copy pasting the answers from various sources :)

    Sosumi gained notoriety in computer folklore as a cheeky response to a long-running Apple Corps v. Apple Computer trademark conflict.

    Officials in New York City launched a new campaign to encourage residents to save energy and be more environmentally conscious. As you might expect, the campaign logo they came up with is a green, stylized version of an apple — a rotten choice, according to lawyers for a company in California.

    The company that makes Macs and iPods and iPhones is suing New York City for trademark infringement. Apple Inc. wants a judge to deny the Big Apple the right to use the fruit as its logo, saying it will confuse people and injure the company’s reputation.

  17. Since the audio clip is not audible:)
    I would go for Apple’s go green initiative the Green Apple (second pic) wherein they are trying to remove all the toxic chemicals from their products The green apple
    and the third pic is the logo of mac

  18. vivek

    Apple suing NYC over their logo(2) which they came up with for a campaign to make new yorkers more eco-friendly and save energy.

    I cant seem to open that audio file at work..!!! Damn firewalls. :(

  19. saurabh arora

    connect is beatles

  20. sidsen

    ok can\’t access the audio file at work, so will just answer on the beatles apple and the apple apple bit. be generous.

    apple and the beatles had a gentleman\’s understanding that apple would not enter the music production market since you would have all the passing off and deceptively similar marks issues. first apple added sound to their macs and the beatles sued and won. then apple launched ipod and more importantly itunes. the beatles (what is left of it at least) sued again and lost.

    now while i can\’t access the audio file, going by the title clue and i would assume the audio is sosumi

  21. Rahulk

    Apple Corps – Music company founded by Beatles

    Apple Inc. – Apple Computers

    Lawsuit over the name and its logo…

    I cant post my answer from a different workstation….

    So I have been late…

    Anyways good question… Even if I dont get the points…

    Also one more request :: Please have the audio clue to be a downloadable format…. I was not able to hear the audio clue… Though for this particular question the green and rainbow apple was enough

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