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December 4, 2008

Tricksy Hobbitses

srikanth @ 10:23 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1228429388 ) Play

Identify and connect:

Cracked by Conga , Vinay Nair , Guneet , udupendra and Ananth.


Inktomi (2), the web search engine that preceded Google at the top of the charts, was named after the Native American Spider myths “Iktomi” spider (1)

6 Responses to “Tricksy Hobbitses”

  1. Conga

    inktomi… named after the legendary Lakota spider. the second one is the logo..
    the first one is just a spider.
    i am positive it is not the spider that inspired the name.

  2. Vinay Nair

    Answer is INKTOMI. the spider is the charavter from which the company takes its name.

  3. Guneet

    Inktomi spider from where Inktomi Corporation took its name.

  4. udupendra

    Inktomi, the Anansi-like tricky God. And Inktomi, the company.

    Are we doing a Yahoo! special week on BB?

  5. Ananth

    Iktomi and Inktomi.

  6. Pure Guess, something to do with Bots? or web spidering???

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