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December 3, 2008

Depth = 2

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Who connects


Cracked by: Atul Mathew , Goyal , mach101 , AmK , Kal , akhi , Vishnu , Vijay Shankar , ali , udupendra , Miraj C. Vora , Achilles , Rahulk , Bipin Banavalikar and p vs np.


Larry’s brother Carl Victor Page founded eGroups, which Yahoo! bought out and made it into Yahoo! Groups.

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  1. 1-Larry Page
    2- (started by Larry\’s brother Carl Page) was acquired by Yahoo! in 2000.

  2. Goyal

    Larry Page -> brother of Carl Page -> founded eGroups -> sold to Yahoo! at $400mn -> part of Yahoo! Groups

  3. mach101

    Carl Victor Page Jr–cofounder of eGroups and brother of Larry Page.eGroups was sold to Yahoo! and became part of Yahoo!Groups.

  4. AmK

    Carl Page Jr., brother of Larry Page (in the picture), and a co-founder of eGroups, which was taken over by Yahoo and merged with Yahoo Groups

  5. Kal

    Carl Page connects the two. He is the brother of Larry Page (shown in the picture ) and he is the founder member of egroups which was taken over by yahoo and became yahoo groups

  6. akhi

    Larry Page->brother of Carl Page->Co-founder of taken over by Yahoo!Groups.

  7. Carl Victor Page ( brother of larry page, shown in the pic) founded egroups which was later sold to yahoo for half a billion dollars

  8. Vijay Shankar

    Carl Page, Larry\’s brother helped found egroups which later become Yahoo! groups.

  9. ali

    Carl Victor Page Jr. (Larry Page\’s brother) co-founder of eGroups … later become a part of Yahoo Groups..

  10. udupendra

    Carl Victor Page. Too easy.

  11. Larry page’s brother Carl B. Page made later sold to yahoo.

  12. Achilles

    Carl Victor Page Jr is the brother of Larry page.He was the co-founder of eGroups,which he later sold to Yahoo! for half a billion dollars and it is now known as Yahoo! Groups.

  13. Rahulk

    The connection would be which was bought from Carl B. Page ( bro of Larry Page) and was made a part of Yahoo! Groups…

    1) Larry Page

    2) Yahoo! Groups

  14. Bipin Banavalikar

    Carl Page

    Brother of Larry Page (Pic 1)
    And was one of the founder of ‘egroup’ which was eventually taken over by Yahoo

  15. p vs np

    Carl Victor Page Jr, Larry’s brother, who co-founded eGroups, which was taken over by the Yahoo! Group.

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  17. @shenoyvarun86: Post the answer, point will be given.

  18. Carl Page, brother of Larry Page

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