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December 2, 2008

Not a very good clue either

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Five questions – one long story. Borderline non-geeky but parts of it qualify. Identify and connect :-)

Cracked by gudanggurum , Goyal , akhi , shenoyvarun86 (close enough ), Achilles , Ajay Parasuram , uday , sidsen and Bipin Banavalikar.


  1. Obviously, the book itself
  2. Dan Brown was sued by the authors of (1) for plagiarising their book while writing the DaVinci code.
  3. Justice Peter Smith who presided over the hearing about the case. In his judgment, which was in favour of Brown, he inserted a code into the books which decrypted to JACKIEFISHERWHOAREYOUDREADNOUGH
  4. Jackie Fisher
  5. The HMS Dreadnought

12 Responses to “Not a very good clue either”

  1. 1. The Holy Blood The Holy Grail
    2. Dan Brown
    3. Justice Peter Smith
    4. Jackie Fisher
    5. HMS Dreadnought

    connect- Smithy Code

  2. Goyal

    1. Obvious ->
    2. Dan Brown (was sued by authors of 1) ->
    3. Judge Peter Smith, decide the said case, also a fan of
    4. Jackie Fisher, a driving force behind the development of the fast, all big-gun battleship, and chairman of the Committee on Designs which produced the outline design for the first modern battleship
    5. HMS Dreadnought, mentioned in the Smithy Code

  3. akhi

    1.Dan Brown

    2.Holy Blood and Holy Grain by Michael Baigent and Richard leigh, who put a lawsuit against Brown for plagiarism

    3.Judge Peter Smith who inserted the ‘smithy code’ in his verdict on the case.

    4.Jackie Fisher

    5.HMS Dreadnought

    The cipher used a keyword based on Fibonacci sequence.The decryption Algorithm when implemented by python produces the following result.
    J a e i e x t o s t g p s a c g r e a m q w f k a d p m q z v


    (confused! :P)

  4. HOly Blood Holy Grail
    Dan Brown
    Justice Smith who dealt with the plagiarism case
    John Arbuthnot Fisher the admiral!

    Alright!! Justice Smith apparently had a secret code in his judgment, which was(the code) a tribute to the above mentioned admiral who inturn is credited to have modernised the British NAvy

  5. akhi


  6. Achilles

    1.The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail
    2.Dan Brown
    3.Justice Peter Smith
    4.Jackie Fisher
    5.HMS Dreadnought
    Connect is the Smithy code which refers to the hidden secret code as an amusement in the approved judgement of Mr Justice Peter Smith on the Da Vinci code copyright case which centred on those two books.Dan Tench,a lawyer who writes for Guardian was the first person to crack the code which read:Jackie Fisher Who are you dreadnought.

  7. anirudh patil

    Has something to do with the Holy Grail..

    1) Holy blood holy grail the original book on which
    2) Dan brown\’s Da Vinci code was based
    3) One of the monty python members??(Monty python and the holy grail.)

    not sure about the others..

  8. Ajay Parasuram

    Cult of Dan Brown(2) – ““Jackie Fisher (4) who are you Dreadnought(5).”

    (3) – Justice Smith who created his own ‘Da Vinci Code’

    Connect – Da Vinci.

  9. uday


    the case on dan brown for plagiarism where the judge peter smith spells of smith code and encodes a message ‘Jackie Fisher who are you Dreadnought’ using fibonacci.. the ship is dreadnought and 4 is jackie fisher..

  10. sidsen

    In order of appearance
    The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail
    Dan Brown
    Judge Smith
    Jackie Fisher
    HMS Dreadnought

  11. Bipin Banavalikar

    In the copyright case of book ‘The Holy Blood and Holy Grail'(Pic 1) v/s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown(Pic 2), Justice Peter Smith(Pic 3) gave a hint of his judgment thru a code, which came to be known as a ‘Smithy Code’.
    In it, there was mention of Jackie Fisher(Pic 4), under whom first modern battleship ‘HMS Dreadnought’ was built.

  12. Bipin Banavalikar

    forgot to mention : HMS Dreadnought (Pic 5)

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