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December 2, 2008

Not a very good clue either

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Five questions - one long story. Borderline non-geeky but parts of it qualify. Identify and connect :-)

Cracked by gudanggurum , Goyal , akhi , shenoyvarun86 (close enough ), Achilles , Ajay Parasuram , uday , sidsen and Bipin Banavalikar.


  1. Obviously, the book itself
  2. Dan Brown was sued by the authors of (1) for plagiarising their book while writing the DaVinci code.
  3. Justice Peter Smith who presided over the hearing about the case. In his judgment, which was in favour of Brown, he inserted a code into the books which decrypted to JACKIEFISHERWHOAREYOUDREADNOUGH
  4. Jackie Fisher
  5. The HMS Dreadnought

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