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November 11, 2008

This is a -.-. .-.. ..- .

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These three chronologically ordered images tell a story. Identify and connect (the connect is the story)

Story cracked completely by Goyal and Dibyo. Bipin Banavalikar and Abhishek identified things right.


  1. Edison’s ticker tape patent
  2. Edison’s quadruplex telegraph
  3. Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory

Edison sold (1) to get enough money to go into business. He later refined on it and made it into (2). The quadruplex telegraph became a huge success and sold in large numbers. This eventually made him enough money to fund the setting up of his own laboratory. The rest, as they say, is history.

There’s an interesting story about the first sale here:

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  1. Goyal

    TA Edison – the ticker tape telegraph (1 & 2) was sold to establish the Menlo park \

  2. Dibyo

    1. Stock Ticker developed by Thomas Edison in 1869
    2. This is the typewriter sort of device for printing Ticker Tapes – it’s called the Automatic Telegraph Machine or some such.
    3. Edison’s (Menlo Park) Lab, which was built from the proceeds of the sale of his designs of the telegraph machines.

  3. OKAY!
    Pic 1 is a ticker tape patent applied by Thomas Alva Edison as a competition to Bell’s telephone
    Pic 2: He(Edison) worked with Christopher Sholes, “father of the typewriter,” the typing machine.
    Pic 3: The electric bulb which he didn’t invent, but just improvised on an existing type.

    The story probably is that Edison helped refine and/OR develop other inventions

  4. Ajay Parasuram

    Connect – Edison

    1. Edison’s patent for the the ticker tape
    2. dunno
    3. Edison at Menlo Park. Behind is a pipe organ used to entertain during breaks at Menlo Park.

  5. Ajay Parasuram

    2. is an ‘Edison Mimeograph’ ?

  6. Ananth

    1) Is the initial telegraph machine. Samuel Morse.
    2) Looks like a later telegraph machine. Used to send telegrams. Companies like Western Union were into that.
    3) One of the employees at Western Union was a young Thomas Alva Edison working as telegraph operator. The dude invented a quadruplex telegraph working at WU and then sold it to a rival company.

    Hope the story is complete. :)

  7. malcaluffin

    Menlo Park

  8. yaksha

    Morse code

  9. Bipin Banavalikar

    Connect is Mr. Thomas Edison

    1st pic : Patent of Printing-Telegraph Appratus by Edison
    2nd pic : Edison\’s Automatic Telegraph and Duplex Telegraph
    3rd Pic : Edison National Historic site

  10. Abhishek

    1. T. A. Edison’ Electrical Printing Instrument
    2. Edison’s Automatic Telegraph
    3. Edison National historic site

    A couple of his inventions out of the very long list which in turn led to the setup of national historic site.

    At 15, Al roamed the country as a “tramp telegrapher.” Using a kind of alphabet called Morse Code, he sent and received messages over the telegraph. Even though he was already losing his hearing, he could still hear the clicks of the telegraph. In the next seven years he moved over a dozen times, often working all night, taking messages for trains and even for the Union Army during the Civil War. In his spare time, he took things apart to see how they worked. Finally, he decided to invent things himself.
    After the failure of his first invention, the electric vote recorder, Edison moved to New York City. There he improved the way the stock ticker worked. This was his big break. By 1870 his company was manufacturing his stock ticker in Newark, New Jersey. He also improved the telegraph, making it send up to four messages at once.

    Later he invented a hell lot of things which led to the setup of the 3rd one.

  11. anything wrong with the story that i concocted?

  12. srikanth

    @shenoyvarun86 – you ID’d 2 and 3 wrong, so your story isn’t really the right one :-)

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