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October 6, 2008

To posterity, and beyond!

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Who are these three people, and where would you find them buried together?

Cracked by Goyal , shenoyvarun86 , Ajay Parasuram , vishal , Kamal Rathi , akhi and varuns88.


  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Thomas Mann
  3. Robert Millikan

Messages from them are buried together in the second Westinghouse time capsule.

10 Responses to “To posterity, and beyond!”

  1. Goyal

    1. Einstein
    2. Mann
    3. Millikan

    Westinghouse Time Capsule – Flushing Meadows Park.

  2. 1)Albert Einstein
    2)Thomas Mann
    3)Robert Millikan
    All have saved messages and buried in the Westinghouse Time Capsule… !

    PS- I remember sending a question on Westington house Time capsule, which fortunately or unfortunately has not appeared :)

  3. Ajay Parasuram

    Einstein, Mann and Millikan – “buried” together at the New York World’s Fair site.

  4. Ajay Parasuram

    Westinghouse Time Capsule da, forgot to mention that :)

  5. Anonymous

    1. Einstein
    2. Hubble?
    3. Millikan

    Is it possible to find them buried together??

  6. vishal

    Albert Einstein, Thomas Mann and Robert Millikan – wrote messages for the Book of Record of the Time Capsule, a copy of which was microfilmed and placed in the Westinghouse Time Capsule I. Chk for the messages

  7. 1.Albert Einstein
    2.Thomas Mann
    3.Robert Andrews Millikan

    collected letters to posterity written by Nobel Prize-winners by these Nobel laurates are buried in a 800-lb. cupaloy* time capsule which is buried 50 feet in the earth on the New York World’s Fair site, not to be opened for 5,000 years

  8. akhi

    1. Einstein
    2.Thomas Mann

    Westinghouse Time Capsules ,Flushing Meadows.

  9. varuns88

    1.Albert Einstein
    2.Thomas Mann
    3.Robert Millikan.

    The Westinghouse Time Capsule I, buried in Flushing Meadows Park,NY, contains messages from 1,2 & 3 on microfilm.

  10. Malcaluffin

    albert einstein, thomas mann and robert millikan.

    well, all of them were cremated and not buried…gah!!

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