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October 4, 2008

[Insert football clue here]

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This question is about a very interesting bit of computer history trivia from shenoyvarun86(He has hit 300 questions on his blog.. do check it out..).
Identify and connect:

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Cracked by nihit , Goyal , akhi , Phani , K.Manish , madhur , varuns88 , Ananth , Ajay Parasuram , Malcaluffin , Achilles and Rahulk.

Check shenoyvarun86’s answer for the facts straight from the horse’s mouth :-)

In addition to that, this bit of code in (3) happens to be the first ever stored program to be run on a computer!

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  1. nihit

    1. The Manchester Mark I
    2. Tom Kilburn
    3. Kilburn’s highest factor routine

    Manchester Mark I Prototype was the first stored program computer. It successfully ran the first stored program, Kilburn[‘s] Highest Factor Routine.

  2. Manchester Baby
    Tom Kilburn
    The first program written by Kilburn

    Thanks for the publicity ;)

  3. Goyal

    1. Mark 1
    2. Tom Kilburn – developed Baby that resulted in Mark 1
    3. Program written by Kilburn

  4. akhi

    1.Manchester Mark I
    2.Tim Kilburn
    3.Kilburn’s Highest Factor Routine

  5. akhi

    connect-> Manchester Mark 1 ran the first stored program which is Kilburn’s highest factor routine.

  6. Phani

    Manchester Small Scale Experimental Machine
    Tom Kilburn

  7. K.Manish

    Manchester Mark I prototype which is the first computer to run a written program. The program was the Kilberne highest routine factor.
    The person is of course KILBERNE.

  8. madhur

    1. Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine aka Baby
    (World’s first stored program computer)
    2. Tom Kilburn
    3. World’s first stored-program (prog to find the
    highest factor of any number)

  9. varuns88

    1.SSEM or Manchester Baby, the 1st stored-program computer.
    2.Fredrick C.Williams
    3.the first stored program?

  10. Ananth

    The Manchester Mark 1 was one of the earliest computers.

    Image 3 is the results from running the Kilburn Highest Factor routine on the machine (circa 1948).

    Image 2 needless to say is Thomas Kilburn. :)

  11. Ajay Parasuram

    Back after a long hiatus – am on a vacation :)

    Connect – Baby. Too tired to explain it :P

  12. Malcaluffin

    Connect is Stored Program Computer.

    1.Manchester Mark 1
    2.Tom Kilburn, one of the developers of the SSEM or \

  13. Rc


  14. Achilles

    First Stored program computer Manchester Mark I prototype to run a program by Tom Kilburn which is the Kilburn’s Highest Factor Routine to find the largest divisor for the integer 2^18 = 262144

  15. Rahulk

    1) Manchester Mark I… The first stored program computer to have executed successfully a stored program

    2) Tom Kilburn — The creator of Mark I

    3) Most probably the log of the highest factor routine ran by Kilburn on 18th july 1948 …. But it must have done it on 21st june 1948

  16. Rahulk

    Yeah … The first program was run on 21st June 1948 … The 18th July 148 one is amended one….. Anyways the trivia is the first program ran on a computer….

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