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September 12, 2008


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The first row was unintentional, but they got serious about the second.

What’s up?

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Rc’s answer is pretty much perfect.
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26 Responses to “onomatopoeia”

  1. joe

    Earlier in wingdings NYC would give the 1st line that some felt represented an anti jewish message. Microsoft denied that this was intentional and in later fonts changed it to the 2nd line which could represent I love NYC.

  2. Goyal

    NYC in Windings
    NYC in Webdings

    The whole q33ny conspiracy theory.

  3. Goyal

    And eye love nyc.. corny!!

  4. Dibyo

    these are the webdings or wingdings one gets when one used to type in NYC.

    this became a nonsense conspiracy theory, and MS changed the visuals to a I heart NY thing.

  5. varuns88

    Microsoft deliberately made the image corresponding to the letters NYC, in Webdings font,a pleasant one, since the same in Wingdings was darker and anti-Semitic.

  6. Rohan

    i love new york..

    or the I heart NY thing on t-shirts

  7. The Webdings font.

    NYC corresponded to line 1 and was removed because it was deemed anti-semitic. It was replaced with line 2 which reads I heart NY.

  8. Ajay Parasuram

    Wngdings – Twin Towers funda. “NYC”.

  9. Rc

    In 1992, only days after the release of Windows 3.1, it was discovered that the character sequence “NYC” in Wingdings was rendered as a skull and crossbones symbol, Star of David, and thumbs up gesture (NYC). This could be interpreted as a message of approval of killing Jews, especially those from New York City. Microsoft strongly denied this was intentional, and insisted that the final arrangement of the glyphs in the font was largely random. The character sequence “NYC” in the later-released Webdings font, in turn, is rendered as eye, heart, and city skyline, which could be interpreted as “I Love New York City”. Microsoft has stated that this is intentional.

  10. Ajay Parasuram

    Wingdings, Webdings symbols for “NYC” which were associated with anti-semitism.

    all the nonsensical conspiracy theories!!!

  12. Ajay Parasuram

    Typing “NYC” in Microsoft Word and switching the font to Wingdings produced the first line, read by conspiracy theorists as a message to kill the Jews and also indicating the involvement of Microsoft in the 9/11 attacks. Microsoft then developed the Webdings font which associated “NYC” with “I Love New York”.

  13. Achilles

    Its the Wingding Controversy.
    If you type out “NYC” in Microsoft’s wingding font, a skull and bones, Star of David, and a thumbs up glyphs appear.

    Some people interpret this as an approving message of killing jews in New York City. Microsoft strongly denied that this was intentional. The company did, however, intentionally arrange the glyphs of an eye, a heart, and a city skyline as the “NYC” sequence in the later-released webding font.

  14. sangoman

    The first-time around Microsoft WingDing font appeared to approve (thumbs-up) killing (skull an bones) of Jews (star of David) when you typed in NYC. To show the world that the Redmond based competition killers are actually all round nice guys, they changed this to I (eye) love (heart) NYC (represented by the skyline :)

  15. shyam

    NYC rendered in wingding & webdings fonts…first one interpreted as “I hate jews”.. MS later issued a clarification saying it was unintentional

  16. In.. umm, wingdings, I think, NYC used to appear as an ‘accidental’ anti-semitic combination.

    webdings rectified the situ.

  17. Vinod P V

    NYC New York City

  18. Nakul

    typing out NYC in Word would come out as the first line in wingding font, which people interpreted as encouragment to killing of jews.

    Word changed it to line 2 in the next version.

  19. Phani

    NYC in Wingdings and Webdings…
    To clear the unintended Wingdings mess, Microsoft made sure that in Webdings, NYC would look better…It refers to the popular line “I love NYC”

  20. madhur

    Row 1-> NYC in windings 2 font
    Row 2-> NYC in webdings font

  21. They are the corresponding wingdings for the letter NYC. The first one unintentionally gave Death to the jews. It caused a huge controversy, so now when you type NYC, it gives the wingdings shown in the second line “I Love Newyork”

  22. First row is NYC in Wingdings
    Second row is NYC in Webdings.

    This is in regard of the rumours that Microsoft’s fonts Webdings and Wingsings are being used for coded messages between ppl. This came in the wake of the 9/11 attacks at the WTC

  23. Neeraj

    NYC in wingdings and webdings fonts.

    The first one was interpreted as being anti-semitic especially against jews residing in NYC.

    The second MS says was intentional and was intended to mean \

  24. Neeraj

    NYC in wingdings and webdings fonts.

    The first one was interpreted as being anti-semitic especially against jews residing in NYC.

    The second MS says was intentional and was intended to mean “I love New York”

  25. When typing the initials for New York City,”NYC”, using the webdings font, the three resulting glyphs are an eye, a heart, and a city skyline: “I Love New York.” A Microsoft spokesperson explained that “typographers took pains to ensure that the image corresponding with the capital letters NYC was a pleasant one”. This occurred after Wingdings accidentally associated “NYC” with a poison (death) symbol, a Jewish Magen David, and a thumbs-up, creating what appeared to some people as an endorsement of anti-Semitism.

  26. Siddharth Jain

    The characters “NYC” in the font Wingdings, which incidentally led to the rumor that Microsoft was OK’ing the killing of Jews in New York.
    The next line represents the same characters in a later released Webdings font.

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