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August 14, 2008

Plain Captcha

devadutta @ 10:52 pm, GMT +0000 ( 1218754363 ) Play

If you were solving a captcha which looked like this, what would you be doing along with proving that you are not a spam bot?

Simple one :)

Cracked by: Dibyo , Rohan , Kamal Rathi , gudanggurum , varuns88 , duriel , Sujoy , piezocake , akhi , Atul Mathew , Priya , Pulkit Gupta , madhur and Anu.


reCAPTCHA — You help digitizing old books! Of the two words you see, one would have been rejected by OCR software as un-readable. So, when you solve reCAPTCHAS, you help digitizing old books!

20 Responses to “Plain Captcha”

  1. Dibyo

    Reading a book, literally. Human eyeballs are used to digitize text, with reCaptcha.

  2. Chandrakant Nair

    Passing a Reverse Turing Test

  3. Rohan

    this is a reCAPTCHA.. it’s slogan is “stop spam. read books”

    reCAPTCHA is a system developed at Carnegie Mellon University which utilizes CAPTCHA to assist in the process of digitizing the text of books, while protecting websites from bots attempting to access restricted areas.

  4. Reading Books ;) . The two blocked words are ReCaptcha and Read Books

  5. RECAPTCHA. Captchas are well known for keeping automated spammers out and letting humans in. However, ReCaptcha is a rather clever service using them to help digitize books scanned into the Internet Archive as well. It’s a project from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon.

  6. varuns88

    reCAPTCHA.Developed by CMU. Helps in digitizing books,in addition to blocking bots.

  7. duriel


    reCAPTCHA MailHide:

    “When someone solves the distorted text image to access your email address, he is helping digitize text from old printed books that was not deciphered correctly by the OCR software and required human intervention.”

    talk about shegdizing….

  8. Sujoy

    Digitising books.

  9. piezocake

    Helping the reCaptcha project, I suppose.

  10. akhi

    stop spam
    read books! :)

    digitizing the text of books

  11. Nakul

    Proving that you are a human who can read contorted text? :D

  12. Prasad

    trying to pass a Reverse Turing test?

  13. reCAPTCHA is Captcha service that helps to digitize books. All the words that are unrecognized by the OCR are passed on to the users for recognition.

  14. Priya

    Digitising books.

  15. passing a turing test?

  16. Pulkit Gupta

    this is a recaptcha.
    by solving it we r helping in digitising books and also conforming that we r not a spam bot.

  17. madhur

    In re-Captach, the user is presented with two words, one of which is known, and one not. If the user correctly identifies the known word, it’s assumed they also got the unknown word right too. The results are sent back to the research team.

    Thus, this reCAPTCHA version is used to decipher and digitise old documents.

  18. Anu

    Helping digitize old books — reCaptcha.

  19. anna
    did we have to stream our voice or somethin to prove that “I am Human”?
    going by the Speaker symbol:)

  20. joe

    Passing the turing test??

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