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August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Boiledbeans!

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One year ago, at this exact timestamp, we posted the first question on Boiledbeans with a lot of excitement. 365 days have passed since then and the excitement is still growing!

We have not missed posting a question even for a single day and given the fact that we are seperated by timezones, face crazyly strict corporate firewalls at work and have bursts of out of phase “social life”, it is quite a feat for two lazy procastinators like Srikanth and me :)

We are very thankful to all Boiledbeans users who have inspired and motivated us to keep Boiledbeans ticking and as a token of appreciation, we will be handing out FREE T-Shirts which look like this (click to enlarge) to the following people. The reasons for picking them is also stated here

udupendra — All time highest scorer
Dibyo — All time second highest scorer

duriel — Longest runlength
varuns88 — Second longest runlength

sidsen — For sending in maximum number of awesome guest questions.

hema — Special thanks to her for helping us co-ordinate posting activities.

piezocake — Just like that :)

Thanks guys! We will be contacting you soon to get your t-shirt sizes.

And now for the best part:
Two of this month’s toppers will get free t-shirts! There are a few things though,

  1. It cannot be someone who is already in the list above. So, if varuns88 ends up the topper of this month, he will not get another t-shirt. Instead, the next highest scorer will get it
  2. If there is a tie, we will post a tie-breaker and pick only 2 winners.

So, if you want a free t-shirt, dont miss out any question posted this month!

For those of you who are interested in buying a t-shirt, please contact us at and we will be happy to send you one.

Thanks all, and keep quizzing!

15 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Boiledbeans!”

  1. Dibyo

    Awesome – you guys rock.

  2. udupendra

    Happy Birthday! And Hooray!

  3. akhi

    Happy Birthday! and great going guys! :)

  4. duriel

    Happy birthday…

    w00t!! bb tshirts!!!

  5. varuns88

    U guys are the best! Happy Birthday BB!! :) Thanks for the shirt.

  6. Prasad

    Wuhoo…Happy Birthday!
    Is there any cake?
    Do you have those shirts in my size? XXL?
    Also, i’m the first guy ever to get the right answer on BB, do i get a free one for that?

  7. @Prasad: Yes, we can get you an XXL :) and you are not the first one, it turns out to be hema. So, no free shirt for you :)

  8. yaksha

    woo hoo!
    keep’em commin folks.

    Happy birthday!

  9. BiGFooT

    Way to go, dudeshs !

  10. Prasad

    @tall one:did u just call Hema a guy? :-)

  11. hey what about a free t shirt for your junior from MSRIT?

  12. srikanth

    @gudanggurum: Sorry mate :-( We’re basically running this operation out of our pocket so it’s a bit hard for us to give out freebies…

  13. @Prasad: You need to update parsing tables based on context, thank you.

  14. Keerthi Kiran M

    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday to you dear boiled beans…
    Happy Birthday toooooooooo youuuuuuuuu…

  15. Sandip

    Happy B’day Boiled Beans…!
    Keep it up..


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