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July 8, 2008


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This magazine cover is incomplete.

Due to a mishap involving an FTP site, someone else should have been on that cover. Who, and why?

Note: it’s not the guy whose head is cropped off. It’s someone else, who is missing altogether…

Cracked only by udupendra!


James “Kibo” Parry is the person missing from this list.

Kibo was the USENET acronmy of James Parry, who went around commiting lots of mischief on  the internet at around that time (His antics were very popular since they didn’t really harm anyone).

After Kibo found out that Ross Perot (head of EDS/ Perot Data Systems) was standing for US president (along with Bill Clinton and George H Bush), he too went ahead and started a spoof campaign for the office of president. The nomination was archived by a university, and accidentally mirrored by the US White House, so he did, for some time, stand for president :-)

12 Responses to “bozo.*”

  1. priyananda

    Ross Perot

  2. the ’92 US presidential elections. the someone else conveniently cropped off is Ross Perot.

    the result (need?) of Perot’s candidacy is in this very interesting article, talking about the ‘decoy effect’

  3. damn. not perot?

    guessing here .. is it Bozo the Clown?

  4. bozo because ppl want to chose between the lesser of two or three evils in this case?

  5. udupendra

    Kibo (James Parry)

  6. akhi

    The guy whose head is cropped off is Ross Perot

    I am taking a guess. Is it Scott Barnes ?

  7. Rohan

    the guy whose head is cutoff is ross perot..
    going by the timeline, i would say.. marc andreesen, founder of netscape?

  8. Karthik

    George Bush, Bill Clinton & Ross Perot

  9. varuns88

    Al Gore?

  10. Can you elaborate on the ‘ftp site mishap’ ? I googled and googled and did not find any reference to it.

  11. Naaaice :)

  12. hey, yeah. sooper question!

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