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July 4, 2008


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This famous ad campaign featured many celebrities,

and created some others.

Which campaign? (and who is the “created” celebrity shown above?)

Cracked by joe , VikraM , jayanth , insufferablejake , Atul Mathew , gammafunction , Dibyo , Goyal , Anu , varuns88 , Wasi Manazir and bobo.


These are stills from Apple’s “Switch” campaign, which featured many people – celebrities and otherwise – detailing their experiences of having switched to a Mac.

The lady in the final picture is Ellen Feiss. She became a bit of an internet phenomenon after many (wrongly) claimed she was high on some sort of drug during the ad.

13 Responses to “flip-flop”

  1. joe

    The mac switch ad campaign. Ellen Feiss is the \”created\” celebrity.

  2. VikraM

    Apple’s “Switch” campaign, where several people asked us to switch from Windows to MAC….(tony hawk,will ferrel etc)

    created celeb: ellen feiss (or so wiki says…)

  3. the mac ‘switcher’ adds.. and that pic should be ellen feiss.

  4. the apple ‘switch’ ad campaign. purportedly of/about people who had made the switch from Windows to Mac.

    that girl at the end is Ellen Feiss.

  5. Atul Mathew

    Apple Switch, Ellen Feiss

  6. gammafunction

    The campaign is the Apple switch ad campaign launched by Apple. It featured what the company referred to as “real people” who had “switched” from the Microsoft Windows platform to the Mac.

    The created celebrity is Ellen Feiss

  7. Dibyo

    The Apple Switch campaign which “created” Ellen Feiss.

  8. Goyal

    Apple “Switch” Ad

    The “stoned” lady above is Ellen Feiss

  9. Anu

    Apple’s “Switch” Campaign. Ellen Feiss is the “created” celebrity who became famous after appearing in an ad for the campaign.

  10. varuns88

    The Apple Switch ad campaign.

    These are some of the celebs, who switched from Microsoft Windows to Mac.
    1.Tony Hawk
    2.Will Ferrell
    3.Yo-Yo Ma
    4.Ellen Feiss

  11. Wasi Manazir

    The Apple Switch campaign
    the lady is Ellen Feiss

  12. must be the Apple Switch campaign.. too lazy to google the woman’s name. consider it done?

  13. malcaluffin

    The “You got milk” campaign

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